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The Socialist issue 415: Build a new workers' party

The Socialist issue 415

10 November 2005

spotBuild a new workers’ party

Fight Blair’s rotten policies: THE LAST week has been a nightmare for Blair. For the second time in 12 months he’s had to sack his best mate David Blunkett. Blair’s…

spotBlair staggers on… but ‘PFI’ Brown is no alternative

The following article was printed before Blair’s humiliating defeat in the vote to detain terrorist suspects for 90 days…

spotUnited Nations: 60 Years of Failure

HIT BY corruption scandals and accused of failing to prevent genocidal wars, the United Nations (UN) has little to celebrate on its 60th anniversary…

spotHarder times ahead?

Jane James looks at the state of Britain’s economy today…

spotSuccessful student walkouts across the country

USA anti war protests: Successful student walkouts across the country

November 2 reports from Seattle, Twin Cities, Tacoma, Boston. On November 2nd thousands of students from across the country walked out of class and onto the streets to protest Bush’s war in Iraq and military recruitment in their schools.

spotEleven days of rioting across France

Days of riots across France have profoundly shaken the French establishment and the political elite…

spotRight wing Interior Minister Sarkozy insults youth on estates

On 27 October, two young people from Clichy, one 15 year old and one 17 year old, were electrocuted and died after fleeing into an electricity sub-station…

spotUnion delegation sees effects of Uribe’s education cuts

I WENT to Colombia in July this year with a trade union delegation to assess the political situation and discover what life is like for ordinary Colombians…

spotReinstate Andy Beadle

BUS WORKERS, trade unionists and members of the public have reacted with shock, disbelief and anger at Andy Beadle’s summary dismissal as a driver at Peckham bus garage…

spotStop public service jobs massacre

THE LEARNING and Skills Council (LSC) is planning to slash 1,300 jobs. Of these 550 will be in Coventry…

spotDefend trade union rights

Morrisons: MANAGERS HAVE effectively derecognised Mark Cliffe, TGWU senior steward at Morrisons’ Gadbrooke Park distribution centre, Cheshire…


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