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Sunday, June 23, 2024

The Socialist issue 406: Bush's rotten capitalist system

The Socialist issue 406

25 August 2005

spotHurricane Katrina exposes Bush’s rotten capitalist system

THOUSANDS IN New Orleans and throughout the Gulf Coast have died of drowning, dehydration, starvation and lack of medical care…

spotHurricane Katrina: A disaster made worse by capitalism

IN THE immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina BRYAN KOULOURIS of Socialist Alternative (the Socialist Party’s US counterpart) wrote the following article, which is an indictment of George Bush and the capitalist system he represents…

spotBush lashed over hurricane catastrophe

THE EFFECTS of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Mississippi could be the US’s worst natural disaster, with a projected 10,000 or more people dead and its biggest refugee crisis since the American Civil War…

spotMarch against war and terrorism

THE DEVASTATION of Hurricane Katrina has exposed the impact of Bush’s imperialist adventures domestically…

spotIraq ‘Constitution’ is no exit route for Bush and Blair

THE TRAGEDY of Baghdad – with almost 1,000 Shia pilgrims killed in Iraq’s bloodiest day on 31 August – competes with the catastrophe of New Orleans in a kind of “league of horrors”…

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spotTUC must turn defiant words into effective deeds

THE FINAL agenda for the TUC Congress reveals a number of cracks which could lead to sharper divisions on key issues, like the anti-union laws, than experienced in previous years…

spotISR backs Gate Gourmet workers

MEMBERS OF International Socialist Resistance (ISR) have been protesting in many areas outside Burger King…

spotPoland 1980: The rise and fall of Solidarnosc

ON 31 August this year, anti-working class capitalist leaders from across Europe were celebrating the recognition 25 years ago of the mass trade union movement called Solidarnosc (Solidarity)…

spotChina/EU dispute: Crazy logic of the profit system

THE MEDIA has been resounding to waves of denunciation and counter-denunciation over the banning of imports of clothes from China to the European Union (EU) – the so-called ‘bra wars’…


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