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The Socialist issue 377: Iraq: end the war and occupation

The Socialist issue 377

22 January 2005

spotIraq: end the war and occupation

AS THE Iraqi elections near, violence is escalating, even in previously ‘safe’ areas. These elections, designed to put a gloss of democracy on the reality of occupation, are only increasing the violence. General Casey, the most senior commander in Iraq, has been forced to admit that violence will be widespread on election day.

spotVote Bannister

Break from the party that attacks our pensions: THE ELECTION for general secretary of public sector union UNISON is under way – giving UNISON members an opportunity to register their disgust at their treatment by the Labour government and the Labour Party…

spot"Defend our pensions" UNISON members insist

THE PUBLIC sector union UNISON has extended the deadline for its consultative ballot about pensions to 21 January. The ballot, over action to defend the local government pension scheme, is already showing a majority for action in many areas.

spotTories on the rocks

THE TORY Party is facing oblivion. A recent survey of marginal constituencies makes gloomy reading for Michael Howard, predicting that the Tories face their worst electoral showing since 1906.

spotMore council delaying tactics

Brighton teaching assistants: ON 10 January, UNISON and GMB, the unions representing teaching assistants in Brighton, once more entered into negotiations with Brighton and Hove council…

spotNo waste plant here!

Fighting the polluters in Bolsover: THE BOLSOVER area of North Derbyshire was one of the most polluted in Britain…

spotSri Lanka after the tsunami

USP campaigns for democratic relief and reconstruction programme: THE GROTESQUE picture of devastation is slowly emerging and haunting us. In the context of 40,000 reported deaths in Sri Lanka, the United Socialist…

spotAceh: Indonesian military sabotage relief work

THE CATASTROPHIC effects of the tsunami in Aceh on the northern edge of Sumatra, Indonesia, have been made worse by a lack of relief coordination, bureaucracy, corruption, and the continued Indonesian ‘state of emergenc…

spotTsunami early warning – the failure of capitalism

CAPITALIST GOVERNMENTS worldwide are now promising to set up an Indian Ocean tsunami early warning network by 2006, for as little as $20 million-$30 million…

spot‘Orange Revolution’ in Ukraine – an eyewitness account

LAST NOVEMBER/December, huge opposition protests took place in Ukraine against the official results of the country’s second round presidential elections, forcing new elections on 26 December…

spotWorld Social Forum – the challenge for 2005

OVER 100,000 workers, youth and others exploited by capitalism are expected to attend the 2005 World Social Forum (WSF) in Porte Allegre, Brazil between 26-31 January…

spotRussia 1905: When workers gained a glimpse of power

THE MOMENTOUS events of 100 years ago, 1905, provided the working class in Russia with the understanding that it was a force capable of bringing industry to its knees, a force capable of turning railways, power, gas etc. on and off like a light-switch. Most importantly, it gave the working class a glimpse of itself as a force capable of the socialist transformation of society.


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