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The Socialist issue 383: United action to defend pensions 

The Socialist issue 383

5 March 2005

spotUnited action to defend pensions

PUBLIC SECTOR workers’ anger at the government’s attack on their pensions is growing.

spotUNISON leaders vote not to ballot on NHS pensions

UNISON’s Health Service Group Executive (SGE) have voted against running a consultative ballot on pensions amongst its health service members…

spotLet’s have a decent minimum wage!

"FOR TOO long, poverty pay capped the aspirations and prosperity of far too many hard- working families."

spotNew Labour – guilty of destroying democratic rights

NEW LABOUR’S anti-terror Bill has scraped through the Commons by just 14 votes and is expected to get a rough ride in the Lords…

spotCan the Tories really win?

RECENT OPINION polls show Michael Howard’s Conservative Party just two or three percentage points behind New Labour…

spotSocialist Party election campaign launched

LAST WEEKEND the Socialist Green Unity Coalition officially launched its general election campaign…

spotSocialist Party national council report

Travelling back home from the Socialist Party’s national council, one of our new, young members said: "I just want to do more to build the Socialist Party because it is the most important thing in my life now"…

spotTroops out of Iraq

Bring the troops home
Stop the War Coalition demonstration
Saturday 19 March
Assemble 1pm, Hyde Park, London
AT ITS peak, the anti-war movement mobilised tens of millions around the world. Now a new international day of demonstrations is taking place on 19 March against the bloody occupation of Iraq.

spotCan George Bush’s second-term offensive be defeated?

USA feature: SINCE WINNING re-election three months ago, George W Bush has made it very clear that he intends to go on the offensive in his second term…

spotProtests force government resignation in Lebanon

"PEOPLE POWER", "the cedar revolution", boomed the Western press after mass protests in the Lebanon forced the resignation of the pro-Syrian prime minister Omar Karami and his government…

spotTsunami relief – the failure of capitalism

JIM HENSMAN, a long-time Socialist Party member from Coventry, was visiting family and friends in Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit…

spotInternational Women’s Day: Fighting the system that exploits us

OVER THE last decade, the number of women in the global labour force has increased by 200 million. Now women account for 40% of the workforce…

spotUnited student campaign attacked in Israel

MEMBERS OF Maavak Socialisti (CWI Israel) and other students at Jerusalem University are facing attacks for standing in elections to the student union leadership…

spotNorthern Ireland: Horrific murder enrages local community

THOUSANDS OF people have attended protest vigils in Catholic working-class areas of Belfast over the last two weeks…


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