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The Socialist, issue 587: Action now to defend public sector

Articles from the Socialist, issue 587

7 July 2009

spotAction now to defend public sector

Scotland council workers strike, photo International Socialists

THE BATTLE lines are being drawn in the public sector. Chancellor Alistair Darling has warned of a ‘tight squeeze’ on the pay of six million public sector workers. Nancy Taaffe, a trade union activist in Waltham Forest, says it is time to fight back.

Youth fight for jobs

spotJobs not dole

Youth Fight For jobs demonstration, photo Paul Mattsson

With every passing week yet more companies announce yet more redundancies. The figures are astounding. Earlier this year we saw the largest quarterly fall of people in employment since 1971…

Socialist Party editorial

spotBrown’s dead duck government

Editorial: U-TURNS, BACKTRACKING, mistakes, lies, defeats, clutching at straws – all everyday occurrences for a government clinging to power by its fingertips…

spotPostal workers need a national fightback

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotNational Express goes off the rails

THE NEWS that National Express has walked away from its east coast rail franchise comes at a time when most other tocs (train operating companies) are experiencing a drop in revenue due to the recession, writes Mark Pickersgill.

spotFirst Bus – no to pay freeze

spotDemanding justice for Shrewsbury 24

spotNews in brief

Socialist Party women

spotWhy women don’t have real equality

Unison Local Government strike 16-17 July in London, photo Paul Mattsson

Sir Stuart Rose, executive chair of Marks and Spencer proclaimed in the Observer recently that women have got “more equality than you ever can deal with”…

International socialist news and analysis

spotPolice trigger ethnic clashes in Xinjiang

Chinese authorities impose martial law A PEACEFUL sit-down protest in the capital city Ürümqi by around 300 Uighurs, the Turkic-speaking minority that is the dominant population group in Xinjiang, was transformed by trigger-happy police into perhaps the most serious ethnic clashes in China seen in decades, writes Vincent Kolo,

spotHonduras coup – a warning to workers in Latin America

spotSri Lanka: Protest over DfID role

Socialist Party reviews

spotStalin’s Nemesis: The Exile and Murder of Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky

Review: An account of Trotsky’s last years in exile in Mexico, during his heroic struggles against Stalinism, fascism and capitalism, and, pertinently, during the last great economic crisis, is to be welcomed, Reviewed by Niall Mulholland

spotArundhati Roy – politics and literature


spotHigher fees in higher education

Fighting fees  - student demonstration in central London, photo Rob Sutton

University fees are to be raised by 2.04% in 2010, taking them to £3,290 a year. This means that top-up fees have increased by almost £300 since they were introduced three years ago. On top of this, the…

spotDrama students enter the stage of struggle

spotTeachers’ MOTs

spotFirst strike against Trust schools

spotStrike against BSF proposals

Socialist Party workplace news

spotRMT Annual General Meeting: “If provoked – Will strike”

London Underground strike of RMT tube workers, photo Paul Mattsson

A number of delegates at the transport union RMT’s AGM wore T-shirts picturing a viper and the wording “If provoked – will strike”, writes Elaine Brunskill.

spotSave jobs at Vestas wind turbine plant

spotPrivate companies caught in jobcentre scam

spotSouth West Wales Media: Fight for jobs, defend conditions

spotOilc – fighting for decent working conditions in the North Sea


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