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The Socialist, issue 605: Bail out our jobs, not greedy bankers

Articles from the Socialist, issue 605

9 December 2009

spotCorus steel closure: ‘Bail out our jobs, not greedy bankers’

Corus closure

spotNationalise Corus Steel

Defend Every Job

Nationalise Corus Steel

Public meeting called by the National Shop Stewards Network

Monday 14 December, 7.30pm

Westgarth Social Club, 99 Southfield Road, Middlesbrough, TS1 3EZ.

spotYouth Fight for Jobs campaigners speak out on Corus closure

Socialist Party editorial

spotSocialist nationalisation – the only way to save manufacturing jobs and end the bank bonus scandal

Corus workers protest, photo Paul Mattsson

Editorial: The year 2009 is ending as it began. Thousands of workers are losing their jobs in factory closures while bankers rescued by government intervention and money from working class taxpayers continue to rake…

spotTeesside steel: No trust in big business ‘solutions’

War and occupation

spotEnd the war in Afghanistan

Stop the War Coalition demonstration October 2009, photo Bob Severn

THE OCCUPATION of Afghanistan has lasted eight years; it has cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars, writes Ken Douglas.

Global Warming

spotClimate change summit: Coming up short in Copenhagen

Climate change demo December 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

Paying the price of global warming: TENS OF thousands of people marched through central London to the Houses of Parliament on Saturday 5 December to demand action from the Labour government, and the world’s leaders, ahead of the Copenhagen summit on climate change, writes Dave Carr.

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotFree the Tamil boat people

AS PART of an international day of action, Tamil Solidarity organised a protest outside the Indonesian embassy in London on Friday, writes Manny Thain.

spotFight the political witch-hunt in Unison

spotFast news

Youth fight for jobs

spotYouth Fight for Jobs organises demo in Barking

Youth Fight for Jobs demonstration 28 November 2009, photo Dave Carr

The London borough of Barking and Dagenham is an area particularly blighted by capitalism’s failure…

Socialist Party workplace news

spotNew Labour gift wraps Tyne and Wear Metro

The Keep Metro Public campaign in Newcastle, photo Elaine Brunskill

On 4 December it was announced that DB Regio is the preferred bidder, over the in-house bid, to operate the Tyne and Wear Metro from April next year, writes Norman Hall, Keep Metro Public (KMP) steering committee and Socialist Party member and Stan Herschel, RMT regional organiser and Socialist Party Member.

spotStoke Axiom workers escalate the action

spotSave jobs at Borders

spotTwinings workers fight job losses

spotManagement bullying? Surely not…

Socialist Students

spotUniting to stop cuts at Sussex

Sussex university students demonstrate, photo Socialist Students

An emergency senate meeting on 3 December, called by Sussex University management to discuss savage cuts, was picketed by over 400 students, writes Sussex University Socialist Students.

spotStarting Socialist Students at a Coventry sixth form

spotNo to student civic service

spotNorthampton protest against student loan delays

Socialist Party feature

spotThe legacy of Charles Darwin

Water-colour portrait of Charles Darwin painted by George Richmond in the late 1830s, photo George Richmond

150 years since the publication of On the Origin of Species: Charles Darwin’s theory of ‘natural selection’ changed the way that we look at ourselves. It contradicted the idea of an outside ‘intelligent designer’, so it met a reaction from the religious establishment.
In this feature, ROY FARRAR marks this year’s bicentenary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his book On the Origin of Species by summarising some of Darwin’s ideas and their significance.

International socialist news and analysis

spotSolidarity with striking South African miners

SOLIDARITY IS urgently needed for striking South African mineworkers at a plat-inum mine in Rustenburg whose dispute has become extremely bitter, writes Weissman Hamilton and Mametlwe Sebei, Democratic Socialist Movement, (DSM, CWI South Africa).

spotScotland: The national question and the general election


spotEnglish Defence League show themselves up

Battling the far right in Nottingham: Hundreds of mainly young, local people turned out in Nottingham city centre on 5 December to oppose the racist ‘English Defence League’ (EDL), writes Nottingham Socialist Party members.

Socialist Party appeal

spotChristmas 2009 donation appeal

The Socialist Party is appealing to all its supporters and readers of The Socialist to make a donation this Christmas to support the party’s fight to build a socialist alternative, writes Ken Douglas, Socialist Party national treasurer.

spotA present that can last all year – a subscription to The Socialist

Get someone a subscription to The Socialist for Christmas and they will receive a socialist seasonal card telling them about their present…


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