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The Socialist, issue 569: Bosses get pay-offs, workers get layoffs

Articles from the Socialist, issue 569

3 March 2009

spotBosses get pay-offs, workers get layoffs

Unison Local Government strike 16-17 July in London, photo Paul Mattsson

THE CAPITALIST economy is going deeper into recession. 320,000 jobs could be destroyed in Britain in the next three months, ‘business advisers’ now predict. Over two million people are already out of…

spotRBS pension scandal: Not a penny for these fat cats!

spotHands off our post!

Communication Workers Union lobby of parliament Feb 09, photo Paul Mattsson

BUSINESS SECRETARY Peter Mandelson, like a creature from the lagoon, is pressing ahead with Labour’s Postal Services Bill, claiming that only the ‘expertise’ of the private sector can ‘modernise’ Britain’s postal services, writes Chris Moore, Save Our Post Offices organiser.

spotStop Labour’s mail sell-off

Socialist Party Marxist analysis

spotMarx was right all along

Karl Marx

“As capitalism stares into the abyss, was Marx right all along?”
This is not from The Socialist but from Stephen King, HSBC Banking Group’s Chief Economist, writing in The Independent (2 March).
Moreover, he answers his own question in the affirmative, writes Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary.

Socialist Party feature

spotHas globalisation gone into reverse?

The Committee for a Workers International protesting at the G8 summit 2005, photo Paul Mattsson

As the world credit crunch and financial crisis spread to the real economy, government leaders gathered at a G-20 summit, last November, agreed not to raise barriers to trade and investment and not to go down the road of ‘beggar thy neighbour’ protectionism, writes Niall Mulholland.

spotOur democratic rights under attack by Labour

Socialist Students

spotAnti-fees demo success – despite NUS leaders’ obstructions

Fighting fees  - student demonstration in central London, photo Rob Sutton

A LOUD and militant march of over a thousand students took place in central London on 25 February. It demanded free education and living grants for all. It further called for mass opposition to university…

spotCardiff student occupation: University divests from arms trade

Youth fight for jobs

spotYouth Fight for Jobs

Birmingham: Members of the Socialist Party’s Birmingham branch have taken on the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign with gusto in recent weeks…

spotThe route

Construction workers

spotConstruction workers plan more action

After a mass picket at Staythorpe power station contruction workers marched into Newark town centre, photo Steve Score

After another mass picket outside Staythorpe power station on 24 February to protest against the exclusion by Alstom of UK labour from jobs on the site, 3-400 construction workers marched into nearby Newark town centre demanding “What do we want, writes Alistair Tice.

spotMessage from strike leader

Socialist Party workplace news

spotStop bullying at BT

Hundreds of BT engineers and members of CWU Solent branch, staged a mass demo in Southampton on 28 February to protest at the highly aggressive approach at work by BT managers over performance targets and sickness…

spotFight the cuts in Nottingham!

spotSogefi workers demand strike

spotNUJ action

spotCover supervisors: Teaching on the cheap

spotNational Shop Stewards Network: Brighton launch meeting

Socialist Party women

spotInternational Women’s Day 8 March: Don’t make women pay for the bosses’ crisis

PCS Passport workers on strike in Belfast, photo Peter Hadden

Women faced discrimination when the economy is booming. What then will be the consequences for women of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s? A fightback is necessary to…

spotMake all women’s issues trade union issues

spotSolidarity with Constantina Kuneva

International socialist news and analysis

spotIreland: Scrap the ‘pension levy’: Organise a one-day general strike

THE IRISH Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) is conducting a ballot of all its affiliated members for a general strike on 30 March 2009, writes Michael Murphy, Socialist Party (CWI, Ireland).

spotKashmir: Health workers win demands

May Day

spotSupport The Socialist on May Day this year

To celebrate International Workers’ Day and help the paper to continue reporting the viewpoints of people in struggle, The Socialist appeals to you for a May Day greeting in 2009, writes Bob Severn.


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