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The Socialist, issue 588: Defend every job

Articles from the Socialist, issue 588

21 July 2009

spotCorus… Vestas… Defend every job!

No Job Cuts

spotVestas: Support the occupation

Faced with the closure of the Vestas wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight, the workers have decided to occupy the factory immediately and step up the fight to save the factory and their jobs…

spotVestas jobs fightback

spotAction to save steel jobs at Corus

Unison witchhunt

spotDefend the Four: Protest at the Unison witch-hunt

Demonstration outside Unison HQ against witchhunt of four unison members, photo Paul Mattsson

Four Socialist Party members under attack from the Unison leadership have been found “guilty” of two charges – one that they produced a leaflet at the annual conference of Unison in 2007 which questioned why the Standing Orders Committee had ruled out key motions from being debated…

spotUnison witch-hunt verdict causes outrage amongst trade unionists

Youth fight for jobs

spotYouth fight for jobs fortnight of action

The government’s latest unemployment figures show that, as expected, young people are still facing the brunt of job losses, writes Sean Figg, YFJ national organiser. Reports on the fortnight of action from around the country.

Workplace news

spotNational strike action to halt attacks on workers and our postal services

Postal workers strike, photo Paul Mattsson

Royal Mail dispute: THE RECENT strikes by postal workers and the many balloted workplaces around the country are a direct result of the war by Royal Mail on its workforce and the Communications Workers’ Union (CWU)…

spotTube workers’ action wins concessions

spotSouth Yorkshire First Buses strike over pay

spotLondon Met Uni strike

spotEvery little helps Tesco’s as they attack workers

spotTeachers strike against job cuts

spotCare homes public meeting


spotUnion action to fight the attacks on our pensions

FOLLOWING AN avalanche of private sector ‘final salary’ occupational pension scheme closures, the employers and the establishment political parties are baying for a similar fate for workers in the public sector…

spotPensions – in brief

spotPensions: We say


spotBNP get police to arrest socialists

On Tuesday 14 July I was arrested, along with two other Socialist Party members, on alleged public order offences following a complaint made by local members of the fascist-led British National Party, writes Dylan Roberts, Wrexham Socialist Party.

spotLincoln fights back against racist BNP

spotStop the BNP’s ‘festival’ of hate

spotRock Against Racism

Socialist Party campaigns

spotKeep Deptford Jobcentre open!

THE PCS (Public and Commercial Services Union) is campaigning to keep the Jobcentre in Deptford open, writes Mick Philipsz.

spotBuild the Tamil Solidarity campaign

spotDevon residents against incinerators: Alternative waste schemes needed

spotAnother stepping stone towards health privatisation

Marxist analysis: history

spot20th anniversary of Soviet miners’ strike

JULY MARKS the 20th anniversary of the first national miners’ strike in the former Soviet Union, which, spreading like wildfire through the Siberian Kuzbass and Artic Vorkuta, Ukrainian Donbass and Karaganda in Kazakhstan, marked the beginning of the end of the bureaucratic soviet regime led by Mikhail Gorbachev, writes Rob Jones, Moscow.


spot40th anniversary of the moon landing What steps has humanity taken?

Comment: “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” Neil Armstrong’s famous phrase marked the first human footstep on the moon, writes Tom Baldwin.


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