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The Socialist, issue 595: Fight all council cuts

Articles from the Socialist, issue 595

30 September 2009

spotFight all council cuts

Socialism 2009

spotSocialism 2009: ideas to change the world

Monique speaking at Socialism 2008, photo Paul Mattsson

Socialism 2009 should prove to be a stimulating experience encouraging you to learn more, develop your understanding and to meet more likeminded people, however much you know already…

International socialist news and analysis

spotNew right wing government, but success for the Left Party in Germany

The general election in Germany on 27 September has seen the end of the conservative ‘grand coalition’ of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Social Democrat Party (SDP), writes Sascha Stanicic SAV (CWI in Germany) Berlin.

spotKazakhstan: Socialist activist attacked by thugs

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotNo to BNP TV platform

Some of the BNP's finest at the BNP Red White and Blue festival 2009, photo The Socialist

THE BBC has announced that Nick Griffin, leader of the far-right racist BNP, will be invited to take part in Question Time, taking place in London on 22 October…

Socialist Party workplace feature

spotLondon postal workers: Big majority to stop funding Labour

Postal workers lobby Parliament, photo Paul Mattsson

An overwhelming 98% of postal workers in London have voted to withdraw their union’s (CWU) funding from the Labour Party, writes Naomi Byron.

spotUnison witch-hunt – Defend the Four!

Socialist Students

spotStudents ready to fight back

Socialist students campaigning against fees, photo Naomi Byron

University freshers fairs: This year’s university freshers fairs take place against a background of proposals that would make education even more expensive for students and even less of a right for all, writes David Berrie.

Marxist analysis: history

spot1949 – Chinese revolution

A Communist leader addresses survivors of the Long March

IT IS an especially nervous Communist Party (CCP) regime that presides over the 60th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on 1 October…

International socialist news and analysis

spotHonduras: Coup leaders step up repression

The right-wing leader of the 28 June coup in Honduras, Roberto Micheletti, has announced that the police have been given full powers to break up the ‘unauthorised’ meetings that have mushroomed since the elected and deposed president, Mel Zelaya, unexpectedly returned to Honduras’ capital, Teguci…

spotNepal – mass rallies back Prachandra

Socialist Party workplace news

spotVestas workers fight on

RMT banner on Portsmouth Demo in support of the Vestas workers, photo Portsmouth Socialist Party

On 22 September, dozens of police from Southampton and Portsmouth descended on the protest camp outside the Vestas factory on the Isle of Wight (IOW), writes Nick Chaffey.

spotLeeds council workers’ strike solid

spotManagement forced to retreat

spotMass rally in support of South Yorkshire firefighters

spotCivil service compensation scheme: Thousands say no to cuts


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