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The Socialist, issue 567: Fight back now to stop job cuts

Articles from the Socialist, issue 567

17 February 2009

spotFight back now to stop job cuts

spotAnger as jobs slashed with an hour’s notice

spotCar workers’ jobs slaughter – begin the fightback!

spotDefend every job on the tube

spotConstruction workers protest: Staythorpe power station

spotIsle of Grain picket

spotMeeting on Lindsey oil refinery dispute: Workers strike back

spotWhy the bosses don’t want an organised workforce

Socialist Students

spotStop fees

Bail out the students - not the bankers! - Campaign to Defeat Fees protest, photo Bob Severn

No to cuts: FOR YEARS the government, echoed by the National Union of Students (NUS) leadership, has told students they would get a fantastic job at the end of their course to pay off their student debt, writes Iain Dalton, Bangor Socialist Students.

spotStudents protest against attacks on Gaza

spot‘Books not Bombs’ at Nottingham

spotConcessions won at Queen Mary university

Socialist Party editorial

spotNew Labour in blind panic

RMT protests against privatisation on the London underground , photo Paul Mattsson

Editorial ‘Don’t panic!’ Peter Mandelson is begging his fellow cabinet ministers. It will not have any effect – New Labour is in a blind panic. No wonder; as the economy has sharply declined, so has New Labour’s…

spotRegulators resign over financial meltdown


spotLondon Olympics battered by economic crisis

Nothing is being left untouched by the world economic crisis, including the biggest sporting event in the world, writes Chris Newby.

Socialist Party campaigns

spotYahya must stay Defend Saudi Arabian trade unionist from deportation

Yahya Al Faifi faces deportation, photo SP Wales

YAHYA AL Faifi, a self-sacrificing trade unionist and committed socialist, faces deportation back to Saudi Arabia where a tyrannical regime jails, tortures and ‘disappears’ dissidents, writes Mariam Kamish, campaign secretary.

spotCoventry: Hands off our youth services!

spotPolitical vendetta against Tommy Sheridan

spotWirral cuts: Fighting ‘cultural terrorism’

spotFast news

Socialist Party feature

spotDefend the welfare state

Labour’s latest attacks on unemployment and disability benefits NEW LABOUR’S Welfare Reform Bill recently received its first reading in parliament. This bill will hit sick and disabled people and lone parents particularly hard but will also make life on benefits even…

International socialist news and analysis

spotIsrael: Election results indicate a deepening political crisis

LESS THAN a month after the end of the last bloody onslaught on the residents of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank was put under a military closure, as the election for Israel’s 120 seat Knesset (parliament) began, writes Shahar Ben-Khorin, Maavak Sozialisti, (CWI, Israel).

spotCosta Rica: Urgent solidarity action for unionists

Socialist Party workplace news and analysis

spotManchester Unison elections: Left candidates well supported

“Your leaflet has gone down really well here!” That’s what one steward rang me up to say after his members had read the Left slate election leaflet for the Unison Manchester local government branch, writes Jim Cessford, Manchester Unison, personal capacity.

spotUsdaw presidential election: The campaign they tried to hide

spotUsdaw Activist public meeting

Usdaw Activist public meeting

4 April, 11am-3pm,

Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street,

near Euston station, London

spotFight the Unison witch-hunt

spotLaunch of new broad left for Unite


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