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The Socialist, issue 601: Fight for real jobs and free education

Articles from the Socialist, issue 601

11 November 2009

spotFight for real jobs and free education

War and occupation

spotEnd the war in Afghanistan: Bring the troops back now!

Anti-war demonstration September 2005, photo Alison Hill

THE WAR in Afghanistan is bringing more and more bloodshed. About 1,500 Afghan civilians were killed between January and August this year and the numbers are still rising. The 110,000 Nato-led troops sent…

Socialism 2009

spotSocialism 2009: An excellent weekend!

Socialism 2009, photo by Rob Emery

1,000 people attended Socialism 2009 over the weekend of 7 and 8 November. First time attenders said:…

Postal workers strike

spotPostal workers force management back

The postal strike interim agreement between the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and Royal Mail contains a number of concessions forced out of the bosses…

Defend the four campaign

spotUnison witch-hunt: Defend the Four campaign gets a boost

Brian Debus (centre) with supporters outside the latest Unison disciplinary hearing, photo Alison Hill

Four Socialist Party members – Onay Kasab, Glenn Kelly, Brian Debus and Suzanne Muna – are facing bans from holding office in Unison, ranging from three to five years…

Campaign for a New Workers Party

spotRMT conference on political representation

The RMT transport union hosted an open-to-all conference on the crisis in working class political representation on Saturday 7 November, writes Judy Beishon.

International socialist news and analysis

spot20 years after fall of Berlin Wall, capitalist triumphalism turns rotten

Socialism Today, November 2009

THE WORLD’S leading politicians, past and present, gathered in Berlin this week to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, writes Dave Carr.

spotGeneral Motors – no to ‘divide and rule’ in Germany

spotIreland: 90,000 march against government cuts

spotUnited Socialist Party congress delegates defy difficult conditions in Sri Lanka

Socialist Party workplace news

spotLeeds bin strike – week ten

Despite completely made-up media reports of 100 strikers returning to work, resolve amongst Leeds refuse and street cleaning workers remains high going into the tenth week of all-out strike action, writes Alistair Tice.

spotLondon bus strike

spotStrikes force concessions

spotSteelworkers get organised and score a victory over bonus payments


spotCollege strike

Young People

spotBig business fights for fees: Students must fight back

The higher education funding review that will look at university fees levels began on 9 November. On the same day a Compass/YouGov poll showed that only 12% of the public believe the review should even…

spotInternationally young people fight for their rights

Socialist Party review

spotReclaim the game by John Reid

Review: John Reid’s eighth edition of Reclaim the Game updates and develops his critique of the “greed is good” culture of British football, writes Jared Wood.

spotAnti-fascists tactics – What happened in Newport?

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