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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist, issue 585: Lindsey refinery dispute: Workers show their strength

Articles from the Socialist, issue 585

23 June 2009

spotLindsey refinery dispute: Workers show their strength

spotProtests at Fiddlers Ferry

spotNew pamphlet: Lindsey, Visteon, Linamar – lessons from the disputes of Spring 2009

Youth fight for jobs

spotNo to mass youth unemployment

Youth Fight for jobs Fortnight of action, photo by The Socialist

Youth Fight for Jobs fortnight of action 27 June to 10 July: During the period of high unemployment in the 1980s UB40 famously sang about the “one in ten” of British workers on the dole. That figure is now one in six for 18 to 24 year olds!, writes Michael Wrack, Hackney YFJ.

Socialist Party editorial

spotEconomy – ‘Green shoots’ are without real roots

“ARMAGEDDON IS behind us” commented Larry Fink, the owner and chief executive of BlackRock on the prospects for the world economy, writes Ken Douglas.

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotIraq war inquiry

THE 2003 invasion of Iraq and continuing occupation by the US-led coalition forces was and remains massively unpopular amongst workers and youth, writes Sean Figg.

spotThe guns fall silent – but no peace for Tamils

spotFight for a Scottish parliament with full powers

spotRacists in Northern Ireland threaten socialist for defending Romanian community

spot‘Sponsors’ deserting academy schools

spotAnother RBS rip-off payout

Unison conference

spotUnison conference: We needed a council of war – we got a council of doom

Unison conference 2009: Peter Taaffe, photo Paul Mattsson

With dire predictions of 350,000 public sector jobs under threat, a massive increase in privatisation and talk of the end of the public sector pension, the Unison conference should have been a council of war…

Revolution in Iran

spotWhere now for the Iranian revolution?

THIRTY YEARS after the 1979 revolution, Iran has again erupted in revolutionary convulsions. Millions have taken to the streets to protest against the undoubted rigging of the presidential election, in…

Socialist Party statement

spotReply to SWP open letter: Workers’ party must be built

A reply to ‘An open letter to the left from the Socialist Workers Party’. See link below, writes Dear comrades,.


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