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The Socialist, issue 572: Make the bosses pay!

Articles from the Socialist, issue 572

25 March 2009

spotCapitalist crisis: Make the bosses pay!

Cleaners employed by contractors Mitie protested outside the Willis building in the City of London, photo Chris Newby

As the global economic crisis intensifies, the world’s leaders – the G20 – are meeting this week next to the symbolic heart of the economic maelstrom – the City of London, writes Hannah Sell.

spotMarch for jobs!

March for jobs!

Thursday 2 April

10-11am – south London trade unions will host breakfast and a send-off rally.
March past the Bank of England, through some of London’s unemployment hotspots and on to the ExCel centre for 3pm where Bob Crow, RMT general secretary, will address a rally.
Lunch time rally at 1pm at Mile End Park.

spotMap of Youth March for Jobs route

Socialist Party editorial

spotTide of job losses must be fought

Unemployment statistics released on 18 March confirmed that there are now two million people without work…

Socialist Party election campaign

spotRail union launches euro election challenge

Press conference as RMT launches Euro challenge in 2009, photo Suzanne Beishon

AS THE G20 leaders assemble in London this week to discuss the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, even the most casual onlooker must be asking, ‘aren’t these the same people who got us into this mess in the first place?’, writes Clive Heemskerk.

spotAn appeal from Bob Crow

spotNo2EU Financial Appeal pdf

spotNO2EU Supporter appeal pdf

Socialist Party campaigns

spotStudents need a mass fighting organisation

NUS conference – 31 March to 2 April: Most students have to borrow thousands of pounds each year to pay tuition fees and living costs which mount up into colossal student debts, writes Iain Dalton, Candidate for NUS ‘block of 15’.

spotCredit crunch hits home

spotCampaign for a new workers’ party

spotMPs – an honourable profession!

spotFast News

Socialist Party feature

spotThe uncaring care sector

Unique Care workers on strike against management bullying and harrassment, photo Huddersfield SP

Low wages, long hours, residents at risk: LAST YEAR, the TUC Commission on Vulnerable Employment report highlighted the care sector as having “some of the highest incidence of employment rights abuse.” Since I was 19 I have worked in the care sector with the most vulnerable people in society, writes Janet Thompson.

spotPay for your own vetting

Socialist Party marxist analysis

spotState repression in Britain

The state, cartoon by Alan Hardman, photo Alan Hardman

Binyam Mohamed has made allegations of MI5 collusion in his torture at various detention camps, including Guantánamo Bay. A wave of repressive legislation has been introduced.
Tony Saunois looks at these and other attacks on civil liberties, and the need for all socialists and trade unionists to take up the important task of defending democratic rights.

spotKeeping (illegal) tabs on us

International socialist news and analysis

spotFrance: Three million take to the streets in national strike

THURSDAY 19 March saw three million workers and young people take to the streets of over 200 French cities, writes Danny Byrne, Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI).

spotCanada: “Fighting back makes a difference”

spotMass demo in New York against budget cuts

spotScotland: International Socialists conference a big step forward

spotDundee Prisme occupation: Workers remain defiant

spotStop the slaughter of Tamils: London campaign meeting

Socialist Party workplace news

spotNom-dom jobs slasher

JOURNALISTS AND other media workers’ jobs are at risk as 1,000 job cuts are planned at the Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) national and local publications, writes Roger Shrives.

spotNew allegations hit Unison’s right wing

spotUnison Four to face further hearings

spotWales: United battle needed to stop college cuts

spotFighting for justice for cleaners!

spotPCS Land Registry jobs and pay campaign

spotWorkplace news in brief


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