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The Socialist, issue 594: No cuts in public services

Articles from the Socialist, issue 594

22 September 2009

spotNo cuts in public services

PCS workers go on strike to protect our services, photo Peter Haddon

Not content with yearly pay-cuts, repossessing our homes, trying to rob us of our measly pensions and consigning our kids to the next ‘lost generation’ unemployment figures, this government of parasitic hypocrites, happy in its world of bonuses and backhanders, is now coming with a hatchet for our jobs…

spotPrepare political challenge to cuts agenda


spotHigher education – cuts cuts cuts!

spotUniversities in crisis – Join Socialist Students

spotDefend education – stop the £2 billion cuts in spending


spotBrown declares war on workers

John McInally, vice-president PCS, speaking at the Campaign for a New Workers' Party debate 2008, photo Socialist Party

GORDON BROWN’S speech to the Trades Union Congress was an open declaration of war on working-class people, writes John McInally, national vice-president, Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS).

spotTUC congress: Anger on the fringes, inaction at the top

War and occupation

spotAfghanistan: An unwinnable war

THE US and NATO’s top military chief in Afghanistan has told his political bosses that western forces will fail there unless there is a change in policy…


Demonstrate against the continuing occupation / bring the troops back – Saturday 24 October, central London

Postal workers strike

spotPostal workers strike as national ballot continues

Postal workers demonstrate in London, photo by Paul Mattsson

Action by postal workers has continued in many parts of the country, against management’s attempts to impose new shifts and working conditions without consultation, writes A London postal worker.

spotWarrington mail centre


spotVestas workers determined to continue fight for jobs

Vestas wind turbine plant workers occupy and demonstrate against closure, photo Senan

Vestas wind turbine workers and their supporters rallied and took to the streets of Newport, Isle of Wight, on their day of action on 17 September…

Youth fight for jobs

spotYouth unemployment hits record level

Youht Fight For Jobs protest outside parliament , photo by S.Sachs-Eldridge

THE ANNOUNCEMENT by the government on Wednesday 16 September of 2.5 million unemployed was met by public protests organised by Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ)…

spotFuture Jobs Fund – massaging the figures

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotCampaign for a Salford workers’ MP

OVER 100 local residents packed into the Link community centre on Wednesday 16 September for the second meeting of the ‘Hazel Must Go’ campaign in Salford, writes Al McElroy, Hazel Must Go campaign and Salford Socialist Party.

spotEnergy rip-off

spotThreat to Coventry homeless

International socialist news

spotSocialist Party MEP denounces “campaign of fear” on Lisbon Treaty

Speaking in the European Parliament, Irish Socialist Party MEP Joe Higgins opposed the nomination of Jose Manuel Barroso for re-election as President of the EU commission and discussed the debate on the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland…

spotWorkers’ fightback grows in Italy

Socialist Party workplace news

spotEngineering construction: Stewards’ forum recommends bosses’ offer Workers should reject!

Ste Jones from Lindsey Oil Refinery construction site attended the national shop stewards forum for engineering construction on 17 September…

spotPortsmouth shipbuilders vote for strike

spotBosses ask JCB workers for sacrifice

spotBattle over pensions means strike threat at Corus

spotLiverpool bin workers score victory

Socialist Party reviews

spotListening to Grasshoppers by Arundhati Roy

Review: Reading Arundhati Roy’s collection of lectures and articles about India could make you want to weep, or to emit the ‘feral howl’ she herself is tempted to resort to…

spotThe Dirty Thirty – Heroes of the Miners’ Strike

spotThe Anti-Flag album ‘The People or the Gun’


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