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The Socialist, issue 568: Organise to defend jobs

Articles from the Socialist, issue 568

24 February 2009

No Job Cuts

spotOrganise to defend jobs

Bus workers demonstrate over pay, photo Paul Mattsson

Share out the work with no loss of pay
“Police fear summer of rage”, reported The Guardian on Monday 23 February. Looking at the latest figures for unemployment and redundancies, it’s not surprising that a reaction from workers is feared, writes Ted Woodley, Birmingham Socialist Party.

spotCar industry in crisis: Death of jobs by a thousand cuts

Car components firm GKN has announced the closure of two of its plants in the West Midlands. This will mean 323 direct job losses. Dave Griffiths spoke to Pete Bradley, a GKN worker and a member of the Amicus section of Unite, before the latest cuts announcement.

spotJobs protest continues

spotWorkers march for jobs in Cardiff

spotFight to save Royal Mail

Postal workers and our union the CWU are facing a fight. But not just about terms and conditions – it’s about the survival of our union writes Gary Clark, sub area rep, Scotland no 2 branch CWU

Campaign for a New Workers Party

spotWhat do union members get from Labour link?

A GROWING number of left activists in the trade unions are frustrated with the continued financial and political links between the unions and the Labour Party…

International socialist news and analysis

spotIreland: workers say ‘We won’t pay for your crisis’

120,000 strong demonstration in Dublin last Saturday, called by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU), photo Socialist Party Ireland

A MASSIVE demonstration in Dublin last Saturday, called by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU), attracted 120,000 people, writes Kevin Mcloughlin, Socialist Party, (CWI, Ireland).

spotGeneral strike movement grips island of Guadeloupe

spotKashmir: Health workers take strike action

Marxist analysis: history

spotIran 1979: A revolution that was taken from the working class

Mass demonstration in Tehran

IRANIAN PRESIDENT Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, recently addressed thousands of supporters at Tehran’s Azadi (Freedom) Monument, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution – a revolution carried out by the working class that toppled a brutal western puppet, the Shah…


spotECB suffers Stanford hangover

WE ALL know the feeling. You’ve committed some indiscretion, possibly while under the influence of intoxicants, and now in the cold light of day when all the facts are revealed there is the humiliating…

Socialist Party campaigns

spotDefend Yahya Al Faifi campaign

Lobby of home office - Saudi trade unionist Yahya threatened with deportation, photo Dave Carr

View video of campaign lobby of Home Office. Speakers include Billy Hayes, general secretary of the Communications Workers Union (CWU)

spotBNP bigots retreat under pressure

spotGreenwich: “Hands off my school”

spotLook at the gravy train!

spotDevon residents against incinerators

Socialist Party workplace news

spotLeeds journalists strike against job cuts

National Union of Journalists members in Leeds held a four-day strike from 19 February at the Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post (YP/YEP) building, writes Kevin Pattison, Leeds Socialist Party.

spotSuccessful launch for United Left

spotManchester Unison: Good vote for left

spotProtest at the Unison witch-hunt – date change


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