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The Socialist, issue 598: Postalworkers must win

Articles from the Socialist, issue 598

20 October 2009

spotPostal workers must win

spot Post – a battle that mass strike action can win

War and occupation

spotAfghanistan: Troops out!

spot Afghanistan – end the bloody occupation

EIGHT YEARS after US president George Bush – aided and abetted by his ‘loyal lieutenant’, UK prime minister Tony Blair – launched an invasion of Afghanistan, their ‘war on terror’ shows no sign of abating…


spotProtests at the BBC: No to the far-right, racist BNP

As the Socialist goes to press, Nick Griffin, leader of the far-right racist British National party (BNP) is due to appear on Question Time on Thursday 22 October, writes Hannah Sell.

spotWDL racists chased out of town

International socialist news and analysis

spotSri Lanka protest: Shut down the prison camps!

Tamil demonstration in London, photo D. Carr

DISGUST AT the inhuman treatment of hundreds of thousands of Tamils held under armed guard in open prison camps in Sri Lanka brought tens of thousands on to the streets of London on 17 October, writes Manny Thain. journalist refused entry into China

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotTommy Sheridan – a socialist fighter on a worker’s wage

Tommy Sheridan campaigning in Saracen Street, Glasgow, photo International Socialists

Glasgow North East by-election: TOMMY SHERIDAN is standing in the Glasgow North East by-election on 12 November. Standing as a “Workers’ MP on a Worker’s Wage” for Solidarity – Scotland’s Socialist Movement – Tommy contrasts strongly…

spotLaughing all the way to the bank

spotFast news

Socialist Party workplace news

spotFBU strike to defend fire service

South Yorkshire firefighters demonstrate against cuts, photo A. Tice

FIRE BRIGADES Union (FBU) members in South Yorkshire have shown strong support during the first of two 24-hour strikes against management attempts to impose new shift patterns under threat of mass dismissals…

spotLeeds bin workers fight on

spotGiant energy company hounds unemployed electrician

spotFirst bus drivers give bosses a ‘fright’

spot400 jobs under threat at Leeds

spotStriking at London Metropolitan


spotPrimary education: Report slams government policy

EVER SINCE New Labour was elected, they have sought to dictate to schools what to teach and even how to teach it, writes Martin Powell-Davies, secretary, Lewisham NUT.

Political representation

spotUnion activists discuss pulling the plug on Labour

A RECENT special meeting of Unite’s United Left (UL) in the north west discussed the question of political representation, writes Paul Astbury.

spotConference on political representation

Socialist Party reviews

spotThe Greatest Show on Earth: The evidence for Evolution

Reviews: This year included the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth and, in November, the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species…

spotHard Times by Charles Dickens, reviewed by Linda Taaffe

Marxist analysis: history

spotWhen Britain’s spies backed Mussolini

TO FURTHER their interests at home and abroad, Britain’s government and secret services have always had secret deals with the most brutal dictators and anti-working-class organisations, writes Naomi Byron.


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