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The Socialist, issue 599: Support Postal Workers

Articles from the Socialist, issue 599

28 October 2009

spotSupport postal workers

spotSupport post workers, this is no time to equivocate

spotPostal strike reports: Defending the service


spotBBC Question Time panel – Workers’ voice denied against BNP

Editorial: Eight million people watched BNP leader Nick Griffin on Question Time, the biggest audience for the programme in its thirty year history…

spotBBC Griffin protest: Jobs and homes, not racism!

spotFar right shut out of Newport by mass protest

Socialism 2009

spotSocialism 2009 forum – can we build a party for working class people?

Saturday Rally

At Socialism 2009, the third session in the ‘Britain after the general election’ course will be a wide ranging debate on how the crisis in working class political representation can be solved, writes Dave Nellist, Coventry Socialist Party councillor.

Youth fight for jobs

spotHuddersfield march for jobs

Huddersfield Youth Fight for Jobs march, photo Huddersfield YFFJ

Students and young workers from Huddersfield took part in a Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ) demonstration on 21 October, protesting against planned cuts in Kirklees council services, writes Ian Slattery, Huddersfield YFJ.

spotYoung musicians support YFJ

spotCardiff Socialist Student elected


spotAfghanistan: anti-war demo

Anti-war demonstration October 2009, photo Rob Emery

SEVERAL THOUSAND anti-war protesters marched from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square, London, on 24 October to protest against the eight-year long military occupation of Afghanistan by Nato forces…

spotTamil Solidarity fights for boat refugees

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotDarling you’re talking rubbish!

WHAT A turnaround. Just a couple of weeks ago, chancellor Alistair Darling, claimed he could see the green shoots of economic recovery. Many media commentators said so too. Then the Office for National…

spotEnergy giant ‘fanciful to the point of paranoia’

Marxist analysis

spot80th anniversary of the Wall Street Crash: Capitalist failure – then and now

Scant attention has been paid in the media to the 80th anniversary of the October 1929 Wall Street crash. The capitalists can hardly repeat their theme of yesterday – “it can never happen again.”
Peter Taaffe, general secretary of the Socialist Party, takes a look at how much of it really has happened again, and spells out the underlying cause.

Workplace news and analysis

spotStrikes sweep across Yorkshire

“Three strikes and we’re out” was the front page headline of the anti-union local paper, the Sheffield Star, above a photo-montage of firefighters, busdrivers and posties, all on strike in Sheffield last Friday, writes Alistair Tice.

spotLeeds bin strike: 92% vote to reject council’s ‘final’ offer

spotBattle for jobs in Land Registry

spotEx Ford/Visteon pensioners protest in Swansea

spotLeicester uni cuts protest

Socialist Party feature

spotCall centres – public services on the cheap

THE PROLIFERATION of call centres within the civil service and related bodies is rooted in the government’s pro-market ‘reform and modernisation’ programme of cuts in investment, jobs and conditions and office closures and privatisation…

Marxist analysis: history

spotNewport Rising 1839

Feature: ON 4 November 1839, 170 years ago, the ‘Chartist Rising’ in Newport, south Wales, ended in bloodshed…


spotDaily Mail homophobia

Comment: Jan Moir, a Daily Mail journalist, has provoked outrage with a blatantly homophobic column attacking the recently deceased Boyzone singer, Stephen Gately, writes Conor Payne, Socialist Party Ireland.

Socialist Party reviews

spotFilm review – Capitalism: a love story

Michael Moore’s new film Capitalism: A Love Story opens with a simple message: “Capitalism is evil,” and must be replaced with a system that puts the interests of ordinary people over profit, writes Reviewed by Dan DiMaggio, Socialist Alternative, USA.

spotConspirator: Lenin in Exile

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