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The Socialist, issue 597: The main parties say: ‘Work until you drop’

Articles from the Socialist, issue 597

13 October 2009

spotThe main parties say: ‘Work until you drop’

Postal workers

spotVictory to postal workers

Postal workers demonstrate in London, photo Paul Mattsson

Defend jobs, no to increased workloads: In a national ballot, 76% of postal workers have voted to strike. This is whilst hundreds of local strikes continue throughout Britain, from the Isle of Wight to the highlands of Scotland, writes Bill Mullins.

Socialist Party editorial

spotThe economy: Green shoots or scorched earth?

Editorial: “WE ARE in the midst of the worst recession most people alive have ever experienced, or will probably ever experience. It is already worse than the 1980s and it isn’t over yet.”

spotWhat would a Tory government be like?

War and occupation

spotAfghan conflict: Stop the war now

Young people protest against war and terrorism in Manchester 2006, photo Manchester Socialist Party

LAST WEEK’S announcement that US president Obama has been awarded the Nobel peace prize is astonishing considering his intentions to continue the war in Afghanistan, writes Steve Score.

Youth fight for jobs

spotApprenticeships? Yes, but not at any price!

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotManchester mobilises against fascists

AROUND 200 thugs of the far right English Defence League (EDL) came to Manchester last Saturday to stir up racial conflict in the city…

spotRAP victory in Walthamstow

spotHousing workers in ‘sleep over’

spotFast News

Socialist Party workplace news

spotFight the fire service cuts

South Yorkshire Fire Brigades Union FBU demonstration, photo Yorkshire Socialist Party

Firefighters across the country are facing a plethora of attacks on jobs, services, conditions and pay, writes Greg Maughan.

spotBritish Airways – What’s really going on?

spotUniversity staff forced to strike

spotUnison – opening door to minority rule

spotSocialist stands for NUT vice-president

International socialist news and analysis

spotSri Lanka: Shut down the camps!

The Sri Lankan government’s war on Tamil people’s basic rights continues. Around 300,000 men, women and children remain incarcerated in camps under the most horrific conditions, months after the official…

spotGreece: Hated ND government booted out in general election

Socialist Party review

spotA ‘dis-service’ to Leon Trotsky

PETER TAAFFE, Socialist Party general secretary, reviews Robert Service’s book Trotsky, a Biography.
THIS VERY thick book (600 pages) is very thin on honest political examination and analysis of the ideas of Leon Trotsky, the subject of Service’s tome…


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