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The Socialist, issue 574: Visteon car workers fight for their rights

Articles from the Socialist, issue 574

7 April 2009

spotVisteon car workers fight for their rights

Workers picket Visteon at Basildon, photo Greg Maughan

Many have been inspired by the stand taken by the workers in the ex-Ford plants in Belfast, Enfield and Basildon…

spotReports from Visteon plants in Belfast, Enfield and Basildon

spotNational Union of Teachers Conference: Call national action on workload

Youth fight for jobs

spotYouth march for jobs: This is only the beginning!

Youth Fight for Jobs on the march, photo Paul Mattsson

The G20 meeting, hosted by Gordon Brown, in London was met with an outpouring of anger. However, of all the many protests against the summit, the ‘youth march for jobs’ on 2 April stood out a mile.

spotNUS leaders out of touch

Socialist Party editorial

spotNo solution at London G20 summit

The G20 protest saw the NO2EU campaign banner unfurled, photo Paul Mattsson

“THEY ARE not talking about us. They don’t care about people like us.” This is the verdict on the London capitalist G20 summit of a worker occupying, together with others, the Visteon car parts firm…

spotG20 Summit protests: Democratic rights trampled on

Socialist Party feature

spotThe battle to defeat the Poll Tax

The Battle to defeat the poll tax, photo by Steve Gardiner

A landmark in working class struggle TWENTY YEARS ago the Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher introduced the hated poll tax, first in Scotland to be followed one year later in England and Wales…

Socialist Party campaigns

spotEU presses for cuts in public spending

LAST WEEK’S summit of European Union (EU) finance ministers gave the British government six months to come up with plans to cut public spending…

spotFast news

International socialist news

spotStop the slaughter of Tamils in Sri Lanka

The ghastly slaughter of Tamils in Sri Lanka continues daily and an official ‘end’ to the war will not mean an end to this nightmare, writes Elizabeth Clarke, Committee for a Workers’ International.

spotArundhati Roy indicts the Sri Lankan Rajapakse regime

spotEgyptian regime: ‘Scared that independent unions will succeed; scared a revolution will happen’

spotSolidarity with Kazakhstan oil workers

Socialist Party workplace news

spotConned by John Lewis

Unite convenor Rob Williams makes the point that the Visteon workers’ struggle is important for all workers…

spotStockport cab drivers fight deregulation

spotNo cuts to further education in Wales!

spotCampaign forces suspension of Wirral library closures

spotUnison elections

spotRail workers fight job cuts


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