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The Socialist, issue 578: Visteon workers show action gets results

Articles from the Socialist, issue 578

5 May 2009

spotVisteon workers show: Action gets results

Visteon workers, photo Paul Mattsson

Sacked workers at the three closed Visteon UK plants in Enfield (London), Basildon (Essex), and Belfast (Northern Ireland) have won a momentous victory, a substantial financial package from their bosses…

spotVisteon UK struggle: the story of what happened

Visteon workers outside the plant, photo Paul Mattsson

April-May 2009: On 31 March Visteon went into administration and we were thrown out at six minutes notice without the redundancy money we had been guaranteed and without our pensions, writes Frank Jepson, Unite union convenor, Visteon Basildon.

spotVisteon: Editorial comment

The hard-nosed Visteon bosses thought that they could just summarily close ‘their’ factories, throwing workers out on to the streets, with measly ‘compensation’…

Defend victimised trade unionist

spotRob Williams sacked by brutal bosses

Rob Williams, Linamar convenor, addresses a lobby of Unite London headquarters over his sacking, photo Alison Hill

Rob Williams, trade union Convenor of Linamar Swansea, was sacked by the Linamar management last week, and then temporarily re-instated following militant action by the Linamar workforce.
Disgracefully, however, Rob today had his sacking confirmed. Negotiations between Linamar management and Tony Woodley took place all day in London, but Linamar did not shift.

spotEditorial: Decisive action needed against victimisations

spotDefend victimised trade unionist

spotDefending a shop steward, in spite of the anti-union laws

spotNational Shop Stewards Network national conference

No 2 EU – Yes to Democracy

spotHow can the BNP really be defeated?

No2EU logo

In the 2004 European elections the far-right, racist British National Party (BNP) received 800,000 votes. This time there is a real danger that it will succeed in getting members elected to the European Parliament.

Hannah Sell examines the processes behind this development, and the role of the NO2EU – Yes to Democracy campaign in stopping the BNP.

spotSupport for No2EU at Usdaw conference

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotSwine flu: The real issues behind the headlines

MEXICO CITY, a vast, vibrant city of 20 million people, became quiet as schools closed, workers stayed at home and gatherings were cancelled, writes Judy Beishon.

May Day

spotWorkers look for alternative to bankrupt capitalism

May Day demonstration 2009, photo Paul Mattsson

CWI May Day statement: THE COMMITTEE for a Workers’ International (CWI – the socialist international organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated) sent May Day greetings to workers, youth and the oppressed everywhere…

spotWidespread protests in Pakistan

spotThousands demonstrate in Hong Kong

spotBigger May Day demos in Sweden this year

spotCWI Germany calls for a one-day strike

International socialist news and analysis

spotANC returned to power in election landslide

ON 22 APRIL, in a record turnout that reversed falls in voter registration and polling in the two previous elections, 17.9 million voters – the highest number since the first democratic elections in 1994 – returned the African National Congress to power in a landslide, falling short of a two-thirds, writes Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM – CWI, South Africa).

Socialist Party campaigns

spotSave Lewisham Bridge Defend education

Save Lewisham Bridge primary school protest, photo Lewisham Socialist Party

LEWISHAM BRIDGE primary school is under threat of demolition. It is the latest in a series of school reorganisations that Lewisham’s Labour council has been trying to push through – despite the local…

spotYouth fight for jobs: Launch conference

spotYouth fight for jobs website

spotFight to save higher education

spotSave linguistics at Sussex!

spotKeep fighting for further education funding


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