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The Socialist, issue 580: We need workers' MPs on a worker's wage

Articles from the Socialist, issue 580

20 May 2009

spotWe need workers’ MPs on a worker’s wage

We need workers' MPs on a worker's wage

House of Thieves: WORKING CLASS people are furious about MPs’ huge ‘expenses’. On Thursday 4 June, elections take place for the European Union, which for many members of the European Parliament (MEPs) is an an even bigger gravy train than Westminster.

Socialist Party editorial

spotSwindling MPs are detached from reality

Editorial: In The Great Stink of 1858 the Houses of Parliament hung lime-soaked sheets at the windows to disguise the stench of untreated sewage rising from the Thames. In the Great Stink of 2009 no such solution is available – for the stink comes from inside.

Socialist Party workplace news

spotReinstate Rob Williams!

Lobby of Unite London headquarters over the sacking of Rob Williams, Linamar convenor, photo Alison Hill

Defending trade union rights: On 13 May, Swansea trades council and the Linamar shop stewards’ committee, held a marvellous meeting in support of sacked Linamar convenor Rob Williams, writes Dave Reid, Socialist Party Wales.

spotThousands march for jobs in Birmingham

spotVisteon workers’ victory march


spotWhy socialists oppose the EU

North-West No2EU - Yes to Democracy

THE RMT-led coalition for the European elections, ‘No2EU-Yes to Democracy’, is receiving a very favourable response as a workers’ alternative to the rotten establishment parties…

spotNo2EU – yes to democracy

International socialist news and analysis

spotSri Lanka: The guns fall silent but the tragedy continues

“THIS BATTLE has reached its bitter end… We have decided to silence our guns”. The dramatic announcement on the website of the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on 17 May seemed to…

spotEnd Gaza blockade

Socialist Party feature

spotTiananmen 1989: Seven weeks that shook the world

ON 15 APRIL 1989 Hu Yaobang, the former general secretary of the Communist Party of China, died of a heart attack, writes Vincent Kolo,

Youth fight for jobs

spotYouth Fight for Jobs fortnight of action

Jacqui Berry chairs the rally at Youth Fight For Jobs Conference 2009, photo Paul Mattsson

Jobs not dole: “We are determined to prevent a new generation becoming a lost generation”. That’s what chancellor Alistair Darling said in April, writes Sarah Sachs-Eldridge.

spotEnthusiastic reception for Youth Fight for jobs


spotDon’t close our schools!

Education feature: OVER 200 parents and children held a very loud, colourful protest outside Medway council cabinet meeting against the closure of three local schools, St John’s Infants, Ridge Meadow Primary and St Peter’s Infants, writes Jacqui Berry and Dave Berrie.

spotCharlotte Turner

spotKings College, London

spotLewisham Bridge rooftop protest

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotBT say they’re sorry

BT’s chief executive has apologised to shareholders for the £134 million loss suffered by the company in 2008-2009…

spotWelsh-speaking worker bullied by boss

spotPCS conference gathers

spotConstruction workers walk out

spotUnion organisation necessary to defend working conditions

spotWorkplace news

spotFast news


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