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The Socialist, issue 603: "We wont pay for the crisis"

Articles from the Socialist, issue 603

24 November 2009

spot ‘We wont pay for the crisis’

Socialist Party editorial

spotHow could full youth employment be achieved?

Editorial: Instead of throwing millions on the scrap heap, the available work should be shared out. In Britain the working week is one of the longest in Europe. The average working week for full-time workers is 41…

spotBristol Youth Fight for Jobs challenges council leader

Marxist analysis: history

spotLessons of struggle: If you fight, you can win!

Liverpool City Councillors hold press conference at House of Lords 26 Jan 1987, photo Dave Sinclair

Liverpool Council 1983 – 1987: Young people face enormous attacks on their right to a future – unemployment, low pay, ever-increasing university fees and slashed public services.
Here, Socialist Party activists provide a small taste of some of the past battles they have been involved in where victories were won by working and young people.

Environment and socialism

spotFlood chaos in Cumbria

ONLY FOUR years after devastating floods forced thousands from their homes across the county, the heaviest rainfall on record brought rivers crashing over their banks and through people’s homes, writes A Cumbrian resident.

War and occupation

spotAfghanistan: Brown and Obama scrabbling for an exit strategy

Anti-war demo October 2009, photo Bob Severn

THE CORONATION of Afghanistan’s president Hamid Karzai offers no solution to the long suffering workers and poor peasants of Afghanistan, writes Nick Chaffey.

Socialist Party news and analysis

spot Main parties plan cutbacks: It’s time for a fightback!

THERE MUST be an election coming. All of a sudden, New Labour want us to believe that they’re different to the Conservatives. After over 12 years of carrying out Tory policies, Gordon Brown and Co. used…

spotMobilising to stop Griffin

spotRacists – stay out of Wrexham!

spotSuccessful Manchester Tamil Solidarity meeting

spotFast news

People’s Charter

spotPeople’s Charter – a step towards workers’ political representation?

The first convention of the People’s Charter took place on Saturday 21 November. Speakers included Matt Wrack, general secretary of the FBU, Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT, and John McDonnell…


spotThe battle for state education

Lewisham edutcation protest, photo Paul Mattsson

When Labour came to power with a mission to sort out education, they bulldozed ahead with the mantra of “whatever works”, writes Linda Taaffe.

spotSocialist Party candidate increases vote in NUT election

spotEducation: ‘Try your best’ is not enough

spotSchools paying for the crisis

spotAttacks begin at Bangor University

spotFight cuts at Manchester Met

Socialist Party workplace news

spotLeeds bins victory

Leeds bin workers received marvellous support, photo Leeds Socialist Party

As the bin strike in Leeds entered its twelfth week, an agreement was reached between refuse collectors and Streetscene workers, and the council, writes A Leeds Unison steward.

spotSuperdrug workers show industrial action can win victories

spotDefend the four!

spotPostal dispute: Bosses still on the attack

spotLondon bus workers strike

spotAxiom railworkers’ strike remains solid

spotCuts crisis on the Isle of Man

International socialist news

spotGuadeloupe – End the profiteering and exploitation

THE SOCIAL situation in the “French West Indies”, and particularly in Guadeloupe, is boiling over once again, writes Virginie Prégny, Gauche Révolutionnaire (CWI in France).

Socialist Party review

spotThe 1970s, mainly viewed from the top

Review: DAVE GORTON reviews When The Lights Went Out; Britain in the Seventies by Andy Beckett…


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