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The Socialist, issue 565: Workers show their strength

Articles from the Socialist, issue 565

4 February 2009

Lindsey refinery

spotLindsey refinery: workers show their strength

spotFirm strike leadership gains results

spotOrganising real trade unionism

spotResponse from Italy

spotStaythorpe power station: “It’s all about money”

spotThe diary of a striker

spotStriking at Fiddlers Ferry

Socialist Party youth and students

spotUnited action needed to save education

London Metropolitan University’s vice-chancellor, Brian Roper, has announced that the college is in severe financial difficulties, writes Paula Mitchell, London Socialist Party.

spotYouth Fight for Jobs campaign

spotGaza protests: Police attacks show stewarding vital

spotMay Day: Lords judgement backs police

Socialist Party campaigns

spotCorus steal jobs: Workers must fight back

Rotherham in South Yorkshire has been devastated by job losses in the last four months. Since October, Rosebys, Woolworths, FADS and MFI have either closed or gone into administration…

spotWeather chaos exposes cutbacks

spotCar industry bailout plan

spotWirral: Stop the cuts and closures

spotFast news

spotLiverpool: Far right BNP exposed

International socialist news and analysis

spotSri Lanka: Stop the slaughter!

Massive demonstration in London against the military attacks on Tamils in the north of Sri Lanka, photo by D. Carr

IN EXTREMELY cold weather, 125,000 Sri Lankan Tamils living in England took to the streets of London on Saturday 31 January to protest against the atrocities of the Sri Lankan government in its war on the Tamils in the north of the country, writes Senan, Socialist Party, London.

spotSri Lanka: Thousands trapped in war zone

spotFrance: millions strike against Sarkozy’s policies

spotEconomic crisis – cracks appear in the bosses’ EU

spotIceland: Devastated by global crisis

Marxist analysis: history

spotLessons of the Jarrow Crusade: no return to the 1930s!

Jarrow crusade

Economic recession with growing unemployment, poverty and deprivation – these are some of the spectres facing working-class and young people across Britain and the world…


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