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The Socialist issue 733

12 September 2012

Build a 24-hour general strike

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The Socialist issue 733

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Fight against austerity

spotBuild a 24-hour general strike

We can stop this austerity: What a fantastic moment. Chants for a 24-hour general strike rang out along the Brighton seafront, as sun-seeking families lined the route of the National Shop Stewards Network march and applauded

Build a 24-hour general strike

Build a 24-hour general strike

spotTUC passes general strike motion

NSSN marching to lobby the TUC for a 24-hour general strike, 9.9.12, photo Sarah Mayo

spotNSSN lobby demands a 24-hour general strike

NSSN march to lobby TUC, Brighton, 9.9.12, photo Sarah Mayo

spotTeachers must unite against Tories

Teachers have voted overwhelmingly for action against attacks on their pay and conditions.

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotNationalise the banks

This is an extract of the speech at the TUC congress given by Fran Heathcote, group president of PCS in the Department for Work and Pensions, in support of a motion from the Fire Brigades Union on nationalising the banks

DWP group president Fran Heathcote (with flag) at Leeds Remploy picket line, 26.7.12, photo by K Williams

DWP group president Fran Heathcote (with flag) at Leeds Remploy picket line, 26.7.12, photo by K Williams

spotCabinet reshuffle

Jeremy Hunt and demo rhyming chants: You might know Jeremy Hunt as just another Tory minister to get booed at the Paralympics. But this son of an admiral, Oxford educated and related to both the Queen and fascist Oswald Mosley, is now secretary of state for health

spotCon-Dem housing measures – in ‘the thick of it’?

spotAfter the Paralympics… Stop the Con-Dems’ assault on disabled

With the Paralympics over, the Con-Dems’ attacks on the welfare of disabled people continue – such as the planned 20% cut in Disability Living Allowance (DLA), which many Paralympians rely on.

spotCable attacks health and safety

Con-Dem economic wizard Vince Cable has outlined his plans to ditch health and safety checks. We all know tabloid jokes about health and safety regulations. However, we expect to buy food that won’t make us ill, and to work in a safe environment

spot‘Red tape’ bonfire puts workers at more risk

spotMore bad news from media mogul Murdoch

International socialist news and analysis

spotQuebec Solidaire’s electoral gains show potential for left

On 4 September, Quebec voters elected the Parti Québecois (PQ) to lead a minority government, with Pauline Marois as the first female prime minister in Quebec’s history

spotHonduras: Privatised cities in the global economy

Socialist Party feature: TUSC

spotWe need a political voice to fight austerity

Next steps in filling the vacuum: A conference of Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) supporters meets in London on 22 September…

TUSC on the 28 March 2012 NUT London strike and demonstration, photo Socialist Party

TUSC on the 28 March 2012 NUT London strike and demonstration, photo Socialist Party

Socialist Party youth and students

spotSocialist students: Fighting for education

Fees tripled, EMA scrapped, youth unemployment skyrocketing. This government will leave behind a brutal legacy

Student protest 29 January 2011, photo Senan

Student protest 29 January 2011, photo Senan

spotBristol YFJ: “We’re not lazy – we’re fighting back”

Outraged by news of the book Britannia Unchained, which brands working class people as lazy, activists from Bristol Youth Fight for Jobs picketed the surgery of Chris Skidmore, Tory MP for Kingswood and one of the right-wing authors of the book, writes Patrick McInally.

spotGlobal youth unemployment rises

spotYouth Fight for Jobs in action! Coming events

March for a future!: In October 1932, thousands of outdoor relief workers in Belfast went on strike to fight for their dignity

Socialist Party workplace news

spotWorkers’ unity against brutal bosses at Cranswick Foods

Striking workers at the Cranswick Foods meat processing factory at Preston near Hull have won a temporary reprieve from brutal new working conditions

spotEast Coast train cleaners on strike

ISS picket line at Newcastle Central Station, 10.9.12, photo Elaine Brunskill

spotRMT assistant secretary arrested on picket line

Fighting NHS cuts

spotNHS under attack – Stop the closures, stop the cuts

March to save the NHS, 17 May 2011, photo Paul Mattsson

March to save the NHS, 17 May 2011, photo Paul Mattsson

spotBromsgrove meeting opposes A&E closure

spotDemo against heart unit closure in Leicester

Opposing the closure of the children's heart unit at Glenfield hospital, photo by Steve Score

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotSheffield Socialist Party pickets strike-breaking facility

So Mr Scott, councillor responsible for waste (mis) management, how much council taxpayers’ money did you waste this weekend on your strike breaking operation?

Protest picket at MHH Contracting, Sheffield

spotBrent Labour: Making families homeless

Anthony Counihan and Isabel Counihan-Sanchez moved with their five children from Kilburn, London, to Ireland in 2007, to look after Anthony’s dad who was sick

spotYoung tenants to lobby Leeds council over housing crisis

Reviews and comments

spotThe Reunion rewrites history: the Poll Tax

BBC radio review BBC Radio 4’s The Reunion recently had a programme on the anti-poll tax movement of the late-1980s and early 1990s, Britain’s biggest mass movement of civil disobedience for centuries…

Militant: Scrap the Poll Tax, photo Dave Sinclair

Militant: Scrap the Poll Tax, photo Dave Sinclair

spotThe shame of sexism in sport

The 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games showed women’s sport at its best. For Britain, there were stunning performances from Jess Ennis, Eleanor Summers and many others…

spotHow we stopped the racist EDL

On 1 September the far-right, racist and hooligan English Defence League’s (EDL) attempt to march though the streets of Waltham Forest, north east London, was blocked by a counter-demonstration of over 3,000 people


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