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The Socialist issue 748

16 January 2013

Mass action to save our NHS

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The Socialist issue 748

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Fighting the cuts

spotMass action to save our NHS

Disgracefully the chief executive of the Health Federation, Mike Farrar, has declared that the public must accept ‘the closure of many hospital units and live healthier lives if they want the NHS to survive’!, writes Roger Shrives, Lewisham Socialist Party.

Saturday 24 November, defying cold driving rain, up to 10,000 residents and staff marched to defend Lewisham Accident and Emergency (A&E) and linked arms around it., photo Socialist Party

spotPCS fighting the austerity agenda – ‘Action gets results’

PCS members on the 2012 Oct 20th TUC demo, photo Senan

spotTeachers: fight for strike action is on

spotBeware: latest pensions changes

spotSussex County hospital cleaning and catering: The brutal reality of privatisation

spotBrixton Hill: Opposing Labour’s ‘cuts cooperative’

spotTwo TUSC candidates standing against cuts on the Wirral

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotWe need an alternative to blind-alley capitalism… socialism!

It is little over a month since Tory Chancellor George Osborne stood at the dispatch box to deliver his autumn budget statement…

20 October 2012 TUC demo, photo Senan

spotNorthern Ireland: Flag issue turmoil illustrates failure of the ‘peace process’

spotPrison closures = more privatisation

spotThem & Us

spotNews In brief

Socialist Party feature

spotRenationalise the railways now!

On 19 January 1993, John Major’s Tory government passed the British Coal and British Rail (Transfer Proposals) Act which led to the splitting up and privatisation of British Rail…

RMT protest July 2012, photo Paul Mattsson

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotTory minister lies about ‘lategate’…

… and offers no solution to youth joblessness: Well-rested Tory Business Minister, Matthew Hancock, who overslept and missed a TV debate with Youth Fight for Jobs supporter, Ian Pattison, has lied about how late he actually was…

spotSheffield fight back, or we’ll have nothing left!

Sheffield poster, January 2013

spotSwindon: 1,100 Honda job losses

spotIndian embassy protest: raging against rape

Reviews and readers’ comments

spotCapitalism – Forever blowing bubbles

Peter Taaffe reviews the “Bubbles and bankruptcy: Financial crises in Britain since 1700”, a free exhibition at the British Museum, Room 69a, until 5 May..

spotReview of the film ‘McCullin’

spotA day in the life… Young, low-paid, bullied and angry

spotReject the wedge between generations

‘The old are money-grabbers who want something for nothing and fuss when they don’t get it.’ … ‘The young won’t do a fair day’s work and laze around causing trouble.’


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