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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 792

11 December 2013

After Mandela: The struggle must continue

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The Socialist issue 792

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International socialist news and analysis

spotAfter Mandela: The struggle must continue

Nelson Mandela at Downing Street in 1996, photo Brent Moore

spotCameron ‘kowtows’ to Chinese dictatorship

Socialist Students

spotCops Off Campus: NUS must call a national demonstration now!

The shocking brutality meted out against peaceful protesters at the University of London (UoL), witnessed by millions via the internet, has sent shockwaves through the student movement, writes Claire Laker-Mansfield, Socialist Students national organiser.

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotOsborne’s budget statement – work ’til you drop or fight back!

The Tories brayed and shouted, they stamped their feet, they cheered as multi-millionaire George Osborne, the self-styled ‘Iron Chancellor’, rained hammer blow after hammer blow on the living standards of all but the super-rich

spotReactions to the Autumn Statement

spotFight for our NHS: Public health, not private profit

spotStruggling workers say ‘fight poverty pay’!

spotAusterity and the new working poor

spotThem & Us

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotFloods: “Daddy, there’s water on the floor”

Health workers and Socialist Party members Liz and Keith had their homes flooded out on 5 December in Rhyl, north Wales

spotSwansea councillors: which side are you on?

spotWhy I’ve donated to the Socialist Party Christmas appeal

spotObituary: Joel Lane, 1963-2013

spotMessage to our readers and contributors

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

spotBuilding TUSC in byelections

Liverpool: In spite of a media blackout, with the Liverpool Echo only publicising the TUSC Riverside ward candidate on election day, John Marston received 49 votes, a respectable 3.6% of the vote


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