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The Socialist issue 840

21 January 2015

Take the wealth off the super-rich

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The Socialist issue 840

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotTake the wealth off the super-rich!

80 billionaires own half the world: The charity Oxfam has produced a report showing that the richest 1% of people on this planet are on course to own more than 50% of the world’s wealth by 2016 – a testament to the inherent greed and inequality of the capitalist system

photo Paul Mattsson

photo Paul Mattsson

spotLabour Party won’t protect our NHS

A political alternative is needed: As waiting times at A&E’s hit their highest levels since records began, Labour’s lead over the Tories on the NHS has widened to 18 points

spotYouth unemployment: anxiety and anger

A new report by the Prince’s Trust shows the devastating impact of unemployment on young people in Britain

spotOil price crashes as world economy slows

World capitalism faces a gloomy future according to recent reports issued by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank

spotCare home scandal: When profit comes first…

The privately run Parklands House care home in Rochdale was so bad that according to the Manchester Evening News: “Residents were seen sitting in soiled clothing, medication was left lying around and some patients were not receiving the right prescriptions.”

spotThem & Us

International socialist news

spotGreece: Syriza victory would raise workers’ hopes

On 19 January, 6 days before the Greek general election, the Socialist spoke to Andros Payiatsos from Xekinima (CWI in Greece

Andros Payiatsos, photo Xekinima

Andros Payiatsos, photo Xekinima

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

spotOpposing establishment parties is not ‘wasted vote’

On 24 January, the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is meeting to discuss the 2015 elections. Clive Heemskerk, TUSC national election agent, puts the case for the biggest possible challenge in both the general election and local council contests on 7 May

TUSC campaigners calling for rent caps instead of benefit caps, photo Paul Mattsson

TUSC campaigners calling for rent caps instead of benefit caps, photo Paul Mattsson

spotDon’t just boo – help fund the fightback!

At a Doncaster Care UK strikers’ reunion this month, any mention of local MP and Labour leader Ed Miliband’s name was booed. This is because of his refusal to publicly support their fight against a 35% pay cut and privatisation of the NHS

Socialist Party workplace news

spotStriking NHS workers say: ‘Give us pay we can live on’

Angry NHS workers are due to take a further 12 hours strike action on 29 January and go out again for a full 24 hours in February, writes a London mental health worker.

At the St Leonard's hospital picket line in Hackney, north London, November 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

At the St Leonard’s hospital picket line in Hackney, north London, November 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

spotSafeguarding PCS against vicious Tory attacks

As the Tories threaten to increase Britain’s draconian anti-trade union laws beyond the general election, thousands of trade union reps across the trade union movement are even now facing huge cuts in their facility time

spotUnison activists discuss reclaiming the union

spotUCU: Clear strategy needed to reignite pensions action

spotBarbour workers accept improved offer

spotEssex FBU fight lockout

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotCardiff happy to get the blues

Cardiff City fans are celebrating their club’s return to blue. Billionaire owner Vincent Tan, who changed the strip to red in June 2012, was forced to back down by a mass campaign of supporters

spotHackney women give TUSC their blessing

“Before I heard about TUSC, I was thinking I wouldn’t vote in the elections. Now I have a reason to.” That was the reaction of one attendee at a Christian women’s community meeting in Hackney.

spot5,000 residents force council debate on pool closure

Derby TUSC is fighting Derby council’s closure of Moorways sports complex, including two swimming pools

Readers’ comments

spotTesco: every little cut helps

In a small store such as ours, managers often end up working side by side with ordinary staff, all doing the same job. It’s called “rumble”, and can be a fun activity, joking and chatting, writes a Tesco worker.

Tesco: every little cut helps

spotHalt the cutbacks in hearing aid provision

In Devon, NHS patients who suffer from deafness have been told that they can in future only have one hearing aid

spotPrivatisation worsens NHS crisis

The growing crisis in Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments is the result of government policies, as well described in the Socialist

spotTTIP it into the Atlantic

50,000 people marched in Berlin in opposition to the proposed TTIP treaty and new farming technologies

spotWhy I joined the Socialist Party

I moved to London from San Francisco in October 2014. I had been a member of an unrelated socialist group in the US


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