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The Socialist issue 842

4 February 2015

Get organised and fight back

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The Socialist issue 842

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotGet organised and fight back

Struggling to live on low pay? None of my workmates at the major supermarket I work for would be surprised by the latest figures showing young people’s wages have gone down 9% since 2008.

photo Paul Mattsson

photo Paul Mattsson

spotNHS crisis: Establishment parties can’t be trusted

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out how important the National Health Service (NHS) is to people. But, for the record, physics professor Stephen Hawking – who has motor neurone disease and considers that the NHS saved his life – has said that it “must be preserved from commercial interests who want to privatise it.”

spotFracking in trouble, from Lancashire to Lanarkshire!

spotDeath, taxes and energy profits

Energy companies’ rising profits can be added to Benjamin Franklin’s famous remark that the only certainties in the world are death and taxes

spotHands off our housing benefit!

“These cuts will sink us further into poverty”: The government’s plan to abolish housing benefit for under-21s has demonstrated, once again, how sorely out of touch they are with reality

spotThem & Us

International socialist news and analysis

spotCuba: Capitalist restoration threat accelerates

Diplomatic relations with USA restored, embargo eased: As 2014 drew to a close, 2015 was ushered in by US President Obama and Cuba’s Raul Castro announcing a series of historic agreements

Che Guevara, photo Alberto Korda

Che Guevara, photo Alberto Korda

spotGreece: Syriza announces anti-austerity policies

The new Syriza-led government has announced a series of policies that will come as a huge relief to Greek workers after years of brutal austerity measures that have driven many into penury

spotVictory of the Marigold gloves

“They came after cleaners with very small salaries and families, forgetting we are women, we are mothers, and if you mess with us we can become like the harpies in the ancient Greek legends…”

Socialist Party workplace news

spotFighting for one London bus pay rate

As we go to press, London bus drivers are due to ramp up strike action with three days of action on 5, 13 and 16 February demanding sector wide negotiation (SWN)

Clapton bus garage, London bus strike, 13.1.15, photo Paul Mattsson

Clapton bus garage, London bus strike, 13.1.15, photo Paul Mattsson

spotStrike called off in face of inadequate pay offer

spotFBU recall conference: escalate pensions action!

On 10 February, the FBU firefighters’ union is holding a recall conference over its pension dispute with the government, which is insisting on increasing firefighters’ retirement age from 55 to 60 from April 2015

spotFerry workers win pay and conditions battle

Unite members working on the Woolwich Ferry have scored a big victory against Briggs Marine who run the boat service on behalf of Transport for London

spotNational Gallery workers walk out against privatisation

spotLambeth College strikers return to work

Striking teachers at Lambeth College have returned to work after winning concessions in a dispute over contracts

spotOngoing battle to protect pay and conditions at college

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotLondoners march for Homes

Around 5,000 Londoners converged on City Hall demanding a genuine solution to the capital’s housing crisis

March for Homes, London, 31st January 2015, photo Paul Mattsson

March for Homes, London, 31st January 2015, photo Paul Mattsson

spotAcademies victory: one down, four to go!

Lewisham branch of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) has balloted members in five schools for strike action against privatisation

spotRebuilding the student movement in Leicester

“Students and workers, unite and fight!” was the chant that summed up the spirit of the Leicester March for Free Education

spotGateshead fights for working class heritage

“We have to fight for our libraries. They’re part of our working class socialist heritage.” This was the response of a woman involved in the campaign to keep our Gateshead libraries open

spotElection appeal 2015

spotCampaigns news in brief

Trade union day school: I was fortunate enough to attend a Socialist Party regional day school on trade unionism in Manchester on 31 January

Readers’ comments

spotWhy I joined the Socialist Party

'Last November I heard Kshama Sawant at Socialism 2014', photo Paul Mattsson

‘Last November I heard Kshama Sawant at Socialism 2014’, photo Paul Mattsson

spotAt least we got Labour’s fish and chips!

spotDisciplined for political comment

Socialist history

spotMiners’ strike: vibrant array of support groups

The great 1984-85 miners’ strike ended 30 years ago next month. Dave Beale, chair of Chorley and Coppull Miners’ Support Committee in Lancashire during the strike, explains the vital role of support

Miners and their families, photo D Pearson

Miners and their families, photo D Pearson


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