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The Socialist issue 843

11 February 2015

Take the wealth off the super-rich!

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The Socialist issue 843

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotTake the wealth off the super-rich!

HSBC tax evasion scandal: The super-rich live on a different planet to the rest of us. They go on several foreign holidays every quarter. While away, they visit the bank manager. They don’t change any money in advance but draw it out while there

We are the 99% Take the wealth off the 1%, photo Paul Mattsson

We are the 99% Take the wealth off the 1%, photo Paul Mattsson

spotIs Labour anti-big business?

Stefano Pessina the tax-exile billionaire boss of Boots has rounded on Labour’s election tax plans as ‘anti-growth and anti-business’. However, Tessa Warrington argues that, on the contrary, Labour remains subservient to big business interests, at our expense.

spotWelfare cuts kill!

spotAzure Card: isolation and stigmatisation of asylum

The ‘Azure Card’ is given to asylum seekers who are under Section 4 – awaiting a result on their claim for asylum

spotThem & Us

Vote Osborne! Only cynics would argue that the government’s extension of its pensioner bond scheme is a blatant attempt to buy the votes of the over 65s!

International socialist news and analysis

spotConflict between Syriza and EU escalates

‘This is not negotiation, it’s war’: Syriza’s first days in government has brought back, at last, smiles, optimism and pride to millions of workers in Greece. But the European Central Bank and German government have made it clear they are not willing to make any serious concessions to the Greek government, the Greek working class and the poor

spotIs Podemos the Spanish Syriza?

spotPolitical vendetta against water charges activists

What we saw & heard: Paul Murphy, the socialist TD (MP) for Dublin South West, was subjected to a dawn arrest by Gardai (police) last Monday, 9 February

2015 elections

spot“I’ve taken off the shackles” of the Labour Party

Ex-Labour councillor applies to stand for TUSC: Kingsley Abrams was suspended from Lambeth council’s Labour group for opposing cuts. He has now applied to stand for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition in May’s general election

spot‘TUSC has my values and principles’

Warrington rebel councillor Kevin Bennett speaks to the Socialist: Warrington anti-cuts councillor Kevin Bennett has left the Labour Party to become a Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition representative

spotA working class party needed

The pattern of two-party politics in Britain is breaking up. Anger at austerity and declining living standards is increasing the distrust of all capitalist politicians

spotAppeal: Back the real opposition to brutal austerity

In the face of brutal austerity, a record-breaking eight Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidates are standing in Wales for the general election this year

Socialist Party workplace news

spotLondon buses: Same job – We want the same pay

London bus workers are engaged in an historic battle to get one rate for the job – the best – across all London garages

Bus drivers at the Clapton garage picket on 5 February 2015, photo Paul Mattsson

Bus drivers at the Clapton garage picket on 5 February 2015, photo Paul Mattsson

spotNational Gallery strikers march down Whitehall

spotICO staff take strike action over pay

spotLewisham: support anti-academy dispute

On 12 February National Union of Teachers members are due to strike at four Lewisham schools in south London to stop them becoming academies

spotWales FE workers accept 1% offer

spotWorkplace news in brief

M25 strike date set: M25 maintenance, emergency and incident support workers working for Connect Plus Services are due to strike on 16 February over pay, sick pay and union recognition

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotCampaign saves Bury Sure Start centres

Labour established Sure Start centres to provide education and health services for pre-school children, writes As an NHS worker, do you feel confident in any of the major parties to defend the NHS?.

spotRotherham: Farage humiliated by protesters

spotGive tax avoidance the Boots!

Over £6 million has been stolen from the people of Leicester by Boots since 2007. This shocking sum was calculated from national figures showing the chemist failed to pay £1.2 billion of tax

spotGateshead: Pensioner ‘bundled off’ by bureaucrats

spotCampaigns news in brief

Socialist history

spot1918: When German workers entered history

Last year was the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War One, covered by the Socialist in previous issues. But when the war ended, it was in a wave of revolution, most notably in Russia in 1917, but also Germany in 1918

German revolutionary socialist Karl Liebknecht addresses a mass workers' demonstration

German revolutionary socialist Karl Liebknecht addresses a mass workers’ demonstration


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