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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 850

1 April 2015

No cuts to welfare!

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The Socialist issue 850

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotNo cuts to welfare!

Brutal Tory axe to fall on poor: The Tories plan to savagely cut £12 billion from welfare benefits. This brutal axe will fall on disabled people and carers, among many low-income and vulnerable households

The planned cuts will hit disabled people and their carers, photo Paul Mattsson

The planned cuts will hit disabled people and their carers, photo Paul Mattsson

spotSave our schools

Education will be a vital question on people’s minds in the general election and local elections on 7 May. But most voters will have very different priorities from the Tory-Liberal Democrat coalition government

spotHow to fight the anti-union laws

Supporting Labour will not defeat them: The Tories have raised the prospect of even more repressive legislation, including insisting that 40% of union members have to vote for action rather than a simple majority of those who vote. When you consider the low turnouts in elections, only 15 MPs would have been elected in 2010 on this basis and probably not one councillor. Of course, neither would we have the Con-Dem coalition, which won on 37% of the electorate!

spotNHS funding crisis deepens

Main parties have no alternative strategy: Despite an underfunding crisis – against the backcloth of government austerity – a recent Kings Fund report shows the National Health Service (NHS) bearing up well and high patient satisfaction rates

spotEnd punitive benefit sanctions now!

Darren, a Jobseeker’s Allowance claimant from Leicester, has been sanctioned, without proper justification, following a new DWP pilot scheme involving daily signing at a Jobcentre. Darren explains what happened

spotThem & Us

International socialist news and analysis

spotSouth Africa: campaigning for a working class party

On 16-17 April Numsa, South Africa’s metalworkers union, the largest union on the African continent, will be convening a ‘conference for socialism’

spotGreece: negotiations continue

Working class action key: Nicos Anastasiades, member of Xekinima (CWI Greece) spoke to Steve Score, editor of the Socialist

spotUS: Seattle gets a raise!

spotSolidarity with Cypriot workers

spotTunisia: thousands demonstrate

CWI members took part in the demonstrations at the recent World Social Forum in Tunis where thousands of young people, women, unemployed people and activists came together

Elections 2015

spotKick out rotten MPs and councillors

Paul Couchman, TUSC prospective parliamentary candidate for Spelthorne in Surrey and council candidate for Laleham and Shepperton Green, says why he is standing

spotTUSC set for TV broadcast

spotSchool crossing campaigner stands for TUSC

Derbyshire county council plans to scrap all school crossing patrols in the latest round of a monumental £157 million cuts programme

spotGloucester College hustings: Scrap all fees

Sue Powell, TUSC parliamentary candidate for Gloucester, spoke at a Gloucester College hustings on 19 March in front of 50 students

spotDefend further education

An early day motion supported by all the main unions in further education, calling for the reversal of devastating cuts in further education provision, now has the support of over 50 MPs

spotSocialist Party general election appeal 2015

“Good luck to all comrades standing for a better society for the masses,” says Kerry Brier, who has donated £20

Socialist Party workplace news

spotTeachers need national action

This weekend, delegates at the National Union of Teachers (NUT) annual conference are discussing how to fight government attacks on pensions, pay and workload

NUT members in Sheffield during the 10 July 2014 public sector pay strike, photo Karl Lang

NUT members in Sheffield during the 10 July 2014 public sector pay strike, photo Karl Lang

spotUnison special conference votes for new pay claim

spotLondon bus companies forced into pay talks

Following on from the two successful days of strike action in January and February, London bus workers – members of Unite the Union – have forced many of the bus companies and Transport for London (TfL) to talks on 9 April

spotBolton Uni: reinstate Damien and Jenny Markey!

The campaign for the reinstatement of sacked trade unionists Damien and Jenny Markey began on Monday 30 April at Bolton University with around 50 people, including staff, trade unionists and university students, protesting at the outrageous actions of the university management

spotLeeds: Save our train guards

RMT members and supporters protested outside a West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) meeting against plans for driver-only operated trains on the Northern and TransPennine Express rail franchises

spotWorkplace news in brief

Food workers’ victory: Two hundred and seventy workers at the giant multinational Refresco-Gerber in Bridgwater, Somerset have won a victory against reductions in terms and conditions after a series of strikes from January to March

Socialist Party youth and students

spotStudents occupy for free education

Students across London have been occupying universities, demanding free education and improvements to services. Members of Socialist Students and the Socialist Party have been supporting the movement

Socialist Party comments and reviews

spotElection 2015 Cameron and Miliband Live

TV Review: With parliament dissolved, the 2015 general election campaign has officially commenced. And while the winning party, or more likely combination of parties, is hard to predict, one thing is certain – whoever forms the next government will continue with capitalist austerity

spotAxing Clause IV: Making Labour safe for capitalism

In April 1995 a special Labour Party conference dropped Clause IV, part 4 (the ‘socialist clause’) of its constitution

spotWorking in the NHS: Low pay, cuts and stress

As an NHS worker I feel as though I have been hit from all directions for the last five years. The nursing unions Unison and RCN have accepted this year’s paltry 1% pay rise

spotThe Great Money Trick: Another World is Possible

spotThe new look Socialist – thumbs up from readers

The launch of the redesigned Socialist has proved a hit among readers and sellers. Socialist Party members in Walthamstow, east London, sold 46 copies on a public sale last Saturday using the back page


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