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The Socialist issue 852

15 April 2015

100% against austerity? Vote TUSC

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The Socialist issue 852

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotWe can end the housing crisis

New Era estate tenants march, 8.11.14, photo Paul Mattsson

New Era estate tenants march, 8.11.14, photo Paul Mattsson

spotLabour – party of cuts

Oppose the ‘logic of capitalism’: Election polls continue to show Labour and the Tories neck and neck. This is an indictment of Labour: After five years of the most vicious attacks on the working class, they cannot decisively pull ahead of the Tory toffs

spotNHS is collapsing under a mountain of PFI debt

spotLow pay: Stop subsidising the bosses

Low-paid workers, typically employed in fast-food outlets and high street shops, have been the focus of trade unions and activists in the global day of action on 15 April

spotPublic sector wage restraint – myth and reality

In 2012 Policy Exchange, the Tories favourite think tank, produced a paper – ‘Local pay, local growth’ – which argued that holding down public sector wages and pensions and bringing them into line with ‘equivalent’ jobs in the private sector would save £6.3 billion a year.

spotNuclear scrap

spotThem & Us

International socialist news and analysis

spotYemen: Brutal onslaught on country’s poor

Over 500 people in Yemen were killed and terrible devastation, injuries, trauma and displacement inflicted in the first two weeks of Saudi Arabia led air strikes

spotFrance: One-day strike against austerity

spotUS: Kshama Sawant on Democracy Now

spotChina: feminists released

spotCanada: first national meeting

Elections 2015

spot100% against austerity? Vote TUSC

“This is a rich country, the fifth richest on the planet. It’s just that the wealth is in the wrong hands – in the hands of a few millionaires and billionaires. TUSC is the only unashamedly socialist party in these elections.”

Dave Nellist with other TUSC candidates at the manifesto launch in London's Canary Wharf, photo Paul Mattsson

Dave Nellist with other TUSC candidates at the manifesto launch in London’s Canary Wharf, photo Paul Mattsson

spotFighting local government cuts

spotWe need a £10 an hour minimum wage

Rail worker and RMT transport union member Ted Woodley is standing for TUSC in the Birmingham Erdington seat

spot‘Liverpool 47’ councillors in TUSC challenge

This year’s TUSC parliamentary and local election challenge in Liverpool will be spearheaded by former members of the 1983-87 Labour Council who defied Margaret Thatcher’s government, built 5,000 homes and created thousands of jobs and apprenticeships in the city

spotWarrington Labour’s ‘time limit on democracy’

spot‘The largest party you’ve never heard of’

The radio this morning keeps talking about the seven largest parties contesting seats in Parliament. There’s one party missing from that list – TUSC

spotGetting into god’s chamber

Socialist Party workplace news

spotGlasgow and Dundee: All-out strikes demand fair pay

One hundred and seventeen Dundee hospital porters and 70 local government workers in Glasgow are on strike in separate but similar disputes for fair pay and recognition for the job that they do

Empty chairs at the Glasgow Homlessness workers' negotiating table

Empty chairs at the Glasgow Homlessness workers’ negotiating table

spotGlasgow strikers: ‘We’re all in it to win it!’

Striking Glasgow homelessness caseworkers spoke to the Socialist

spotBromley council workers show how to fight Tories

Unite members working at Bromley council have begun a fight to defend public services from privatisation, oppose cuts to pay and conditions and defend the right of workers to be organised in a trade union

spotLift workers strike over ‘spy in the cab’

spotUnison health backs £10 an hour call

Unison health conference has backed a motion from Mid Yorkshire branch calling for a £10 an hour minimum wage

spotPCS: Defending check-off in DWP

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotPutting socialism back in LGBT politics

Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) is once again on the frontline of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) politics, writes Pat Chadwick

spotBuild TUSC with this paper

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition has been granted its first ever election broadcast, giving a fantastic opportunity to get out and explain the details of our alternative to austerity

spotElection appeal update

“Too little, too late” could sum up the Labour Party manifesto, writes Naomi Byron, Socialist Party finance team

Readers’ comments and reviews

spotMy life as a day centre worker

A Cardiff day care worker, and member of Unison, explains the demands of their important job, against a background of austerity cuts

spotReview: Gods of Gold

Iain Dalton reviews Gods of Gold by Chris Nickson

spotStanding in line, hoping for work

Hoping to get some work, I recently joined 200 other people queuing before 5.30am at Flower World in Derby

spotRemembering a lost generation

Artist and Socialist Party member Peter Robson has been commissioned by Bradford Cathedral’s arts space (which is funded by the arts council) to provide paintings at an exhibition in May 2016


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