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The Socialist issue 854

29 April 2015

Fight cuts - vote TUSC

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The Socialist issue 854

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotNHS in crisis

Reverse all cuts and privatisation: The scene: a Medical Incident Officer – a standby doctor normally called upon for major accidents – arrives at Worcestershire Royal Hospital to treat patients who have been waiting for hours, untreated in ambulances outside the hospital

Cuts and privatisation kill, photo Paul Mattsson

Cuts and privatisation kill, photo Paul Mattsson

spotAfter the election: prepare for the battles to come

spotEstablishment witch-hunt in Tower Hamlets

In a blatantly undemocratic political act, an Election Court judge has barred Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman from office

spotRent controls? Another Labour fudge

It’s a testament to housing campaigners, including socialists in TUSC, that the Labour Party has finally felt compelled to offer a mild redress to the housing crisis, by proposing to peg private landlords’ rent rises to the rate of inflation for three years

spotAnd the rich just get richer!

spotThem & Us

Viva Cuba?: Rent control to stop excessive rents being charged by rip-off private landlords is very popular

spotThe Socialist election schedule

International socialist news and analysis

spot125 years of May Day: Learn lessons of past struggles

This year marks the 125th International Workers’ Day, or ‘May Day’. The original call for workers’ demonstrations around the world on 1 May was made in July 1889 at the International Socialist Workers Congress in Paris

May Day in central London, photo Paul Mattsson

May Day in central London, photo Paul Mattsson

spotIreland: crucial stage for water charges

The first bills for water charges are being sent out in April and May to all homes in Ireland

spotGreece: gold mining meeting

Special feature

spotSocialist plan or capitalist chaos

The ‘S’ word – socialism – dare not speak its name in this election. Apart from TUSC – with its brilliantly effective TV broadcast and general programme for socialist change – none of the big or even the smaller parties have been prepared to offer any alternative to the existing capitalist system

A $15 Now demonstration in Seattle, photo Alex Garland

A $15 Now demonstration in Seattle, photo Alex Garland

spotWhy you should join the socialists

Elections 2015

spotWhy the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition?

It’s crunch time. As Britain heads to the polls – and awaits the outcome of subsequent political horse trading – who will fight for the interests of ordinary people?

TUSC candidates on the national march against racism, 21/03/15, photo Paul Mattsson

TUSC candidates on the national march against racism, 21/03/15, photo Paul Mattsson

spotWhy I’m standing

I first came across TUSC on a campaign stall in Allenton. I realised we had the same ideals. I would like to save the NHS, nationalise our industries, defend public services…

spotKey working class fighters rally to TUSC

Trade unionists: Local members of transport union RMT have voted unanimously to endorse Spelthorne TUSC candidate Paul Couchman

spotAnti-cuts councillor set to defend seat

This election campaign has shown the rising tide of anti-austerity anger at Westminster politicians and the cuts agenda

spotPop star and activist Jawad Ahmad backs TUSC

Jawad Ahmad is renowned in Pakistan for his songs and for his politics. He has a record of solidarity with the working class, poor and oppressed

spotWhy many class fighters won’t vote Labour

In the Guardian on 22 April, Owen Jones said: “If you want to look in the eyes of those people pummelled by callous Tory policies, vote Labour – and be prepared to fight.”

Socialist Party workplace news

spotLabour Party link dominates conference discussion

The Communication Workers’ Union conference started in the aftermath of Dave Ward becoming the new general secretary

photo Paul Mattsson

photo Paul Mattsson

spotDundee porters force NHS bosses to retreat

spotGlasgow homelessness caseworkers’ strike

The indefinite all-out strike of the Glasgow homeless caseworkers is still going strong after over a month

spotMoD IT workers demand decent pay

PCS civil service union members working for computing firm CSC in Glasgow and Gosport took five days’ strike action from 20 April for a fair pay award

spotBromley workers escalate strikes

spotBradford bus drivers strike against job losses

spotWales: Hundreds protest cuts to adult education

spotBarking bin workers walkout over pay cuts

May Day Greetings

spotMay Day Greetings in the Socialist 2015 – pdf


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