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The Socialist issue 855

13 May 2015

We can stop the Tories!

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The Socialist issue 855

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Elections 2015

spotOrganising resistance to Tory cuts starts now!

Public sector workers will be at the sharp end of more austerity but also at the centre of the opposition against it, writes Rob Williams, National Shop Stewards Network.

photo Senan

photo Senan

spotFight against “five more damned years”

“Our sweet victory”, read the London Evening Standard, owned appropriately by a Russian oligarch and reflecting their delight at the unexpected victory of the Tories. Peter Taaffe writes.

spotTenacious TUSC celebrates hard-won progress

118,000 votes against all cuts: Including the local elections taking place on the same day across England (outside London), the 100% anti-austerity Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition received 118,125 votes

spotLabour annihilated as SNP sweeps in

The general election produced a “political revolution” in Scotland. The Scottish National Party (SNP) won 56 of 59 Scottish seats, polling 1.45 million votes. Now, a new independence referendum seems inevitable

spotDon’t mourn – organise and join the socialists!

The fear and gloom that descended in the aftermath of the election will only intensify as Cameron installs a raft of Thatcherites on the new Tory government front bench

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotNew Tory cuts: Hammering the poor

Champagne corks popped as Tory-backing hedge fund managers, corporate chiefs and super-rich elite, celebrated the election result

photo Paul Mattsson

photo Paul Mattsson

spotHousing crisis deepens

spotBradford Fire: victims demand independent inquiry

Thirty years ago, on 11 May, 56 people died and 256 were injured in a devastating fire which gutted Valley Parade, the home ground of Bradford City football club

spotThem & Us

The richest tenth of the UK’s population pay 35% of their income (not wealth) in tax. The poorest tenth pay 43%

International socialist news and analysis

spotRage in Baltimore: aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death

On 26 April, the first black US President, Barack Hussein Obama, stepped to the podium at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner to engage in frivolous banter with fellow politicians, corporate media hounds and comedians, dressed in their finest tuxedoes and gowns

spotDisaster in Nepal – amplified by capitalism

Nepal, one of the poorest countries in south Asia, has been further devastated by the recent earthquake and its aftershocks

spotIran: free all political prisoners

Socialist Party workplace news

spotDundee porters enter sixth week of action

Striking porters on the Dundee May Day march, photo Philip Stott

Striking porters on the Dundee May Day march, photo Philip Stott

spotBarking bin workers’ eight-day strike

spotBromley Unite plans more sell-off walkouts

Bromley’s Tory council wants to privatise everything it can get away with, and withdraw all trade union facilities with immediate effect – but they’ve got a fight on their hands

spotCheck-off attack will not defeat PCS

The PCS civil servants’ union very existence has been threatened over the past year. The politically-motivated decision by the government to withdraw check-off has tested the union to its limits

spotFBU conference looks to continue fightback

spotKone blocks negotiations

spotTNT/Whistl stops deliveries

spotRMT members vote for Network Rail strike

spotCWU telecoms oppose Openreach changes

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotEDL protected by huge police presence

Massively outnumbered by local people and a counter-protest, a tiny group of EDL thugs were enabled to march through Walthamstow protected by a £300,000 police operation

Countering the EDL in Walthamstow, photo Paul Mattsson

Countering the EDL in Walthamstow, photo Paul Mattsson

spotBrixton marches against gentrification

spotStudent occupation of Birmingham library

spotTUSC prominent on anti-academies demo

spotLeft gains at NUS conference

spotAnti-PFI battle bus


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