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Friday, June 21, 2024

The Socialist issue 857

27 May 2015

Stop Tory welfare butchery

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The Socialist issue 857

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotStop Tory welfare butchery

The Queen’s Speech. A medieval pantomime of costumed caricatures like Black Rod, the royals and ‘Rouge Dragon Pursuivant’. A fitting opening for the pantomime politics of the main parties. Fitting also for the medieval savagery they have in store for the working class

spot‘Council of war’ needed for fight against cuts

“Don’t despair, organise!” has been the message of many union activists since the Tory victory was confirmed on 8 May

spotAre falling prices good for us?

Things are officially getting cheaper! Figures released last week show prices fell in the UK in April. Negative inflation hasn’t happened in over 50 years

spotNHS trusts heading for bankruptcy

Privatisation wrecking hospitals: The NHS funding crisis continues to deepen with NHS trusts in England reporting a £822 million deficit for 2014-15

spot‘Spiderman’ and political lobbying

The Guardian newspaper recently won its ten year legal battle to publish the “black spider memos” – letters written in spidery writing between Prince Charles and government ministers under Tony Blair

spotPlymouth: Labour and Tories form grand cuts coalition

Labour has revealed how far it’s degenerated by agreeing to share power with the Conservatives in Plymouth’s hung council

spotThem & Us

International socialist news and analysis

spotA new chapter in Chile’s political crisis

Chile: mass demonstrations: Hundreds of thousands took to the streets of major Chilean cities this month. Demonstrators – mostly youth, but also workers and older people – insisted the government meet students’ demands for free

spotGreece: subordination to or rupture with austerity?

We are now in the fourth month of the Syriza-led government’s term. The result of so-called “negotiations” with the Troika – European Union (EU), European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund

Socialist Party youth and students

spotFight for our future!

Tories threaten young people’s welfare, housing and education: Sitting in my first A-level economics lesson a year before US bank Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy my teacher said to us: “before you finish this course the economy will have crashed and there will be an economic crisis”

photo Paul Mattsson

photo Paul Mattsson

spotStop the privatisation of student loans!

No one was surprised to hear of the Tories’ plans to continue with their brutal austerity programme after winning a majority

Socialist Party workplace news

spotOrganise to strike back

Fight cuts – defend workers’ rights Within a week of the general election class battle lines were already being drawn; an anti-austerity demonstration outside Downing Street and in Cardiff, an electric mass march of youth in Bristol, and a threatened national Network Rail strike

We need coordinated union action to beat the Tories, photo Paul Mattsson

We need coordinated union action to beat the Tories, photo Paul Mattsson

spotPCS conference: coordinated action can stop the Tories

spotDetermined Dundee porters ratchet up pressure

Ninewells and Royal Victoria hospital porters are eight weeks into an all-out strike which is set to become the longest running in Dundee since the Timex lock-out of 1993

spotPolitical fund threat changes Glasgow council’s tune

After nine weeks of all out strike action, Glasgow’s Labour council still refuses to resolve a dispute over pay with seventy homelessness caseworkers

spotNational Rail strike threat results in new offer

spotBromley council battle continues

spotWorkplace news in brief

Lewisham academies: Teaching unions NUT and NASUWT in Lewisham, south London have called further two-day strike action on 3-4 June

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotToon and TUSC slam ‘cash cow’ boss

Activists and football fans came together to protest against the billionaire owner of Newcastle United and Sports Direct on 25 April

spotThirty newcomers boost London post-election meeting

Thirty new faces joined a crowd of around 100 in a packed room in London to hear the Socialist Party’s response to the general election

spotPeterborough occupiers protest at homelessness

Protesters in Peterborough have occupied Aqua House, formerly Environment Agency offices for the city council

Socialist history

spotVE Day: When ‘liberation’ meant socialism

Commemorations marking the 70th anniversary ‘victory in Europe’ (VE) day recently took place in Britain (and throughout the world) with establishment dignitaries saluting veteran service men and women who liberated Europe from the clutches of fascism

French resistance fighters liberated Paris from Nazi occupation

French resistance fighters liberated Paris from Nazi occupation

Readers’ comments

spotTories have nothing in common with blue collar workers

As a ‘blue collar factory worker’ I won’t be fooled by David Cameron’s mantra that his new cabinet stands as the “real party for working people”

spotWorking class people’s real aspirations

The Socialist Party believes Labour lost the election fundamentally because it fails to represent working class people. But a queue of Labour Party leadership have claimed that the party didn’t appeal to the “aspirational”


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