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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 860

17 June 2015

Tory-busters: organise, strike, resist

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The Socialist issue 860

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotA strategy to beat the bosses

Come to the NSSN conference – appeal from a trade union activist: If you are a shop steward, trade unionist, or anti-cuts campaigner – and if you want to fight attacks on our working conditions – then the National Shop Stewards Network conference is the place to go.

spotStop Osborne’s cruel cuts

Having cut the taxes of the super-rich and giant corporations, Tory millionaire Chancellor George Osborne is planning to slash £5 billion from Child Tax Credit as part of the governments extra £12 billion cut in welfare spending.

spotTower Hamlets election – Labour’s Mr Biggs wins

John Biggs, long standing Labour right-winger and veteran of the witch-hunt against supporters of the Militant newspaper (forerunner of the Socialist), has been elected mayor of Tower Hamlets with executive powers. This comes after the undemocratic removal of the previously elected mayor by central government.

spotFight the snoopers’ charter!

“We kill people based on metadata.” General Michael Hayden, former director of the US National Security Agency and the CIA. Now our government wants to make gathering personal data easier still.

spotOrgreave: Police violence and cover-up whitewashed by IPCC

On 18 June 1984 thousands of riot police, many on horseback, brutally attacked a mass picket of striking miners at the Orgreave coking plant in South Yorkshire. The victims are still struggling for justice.

spotThem & Us

Short dispatches on the incredible hypocrisy of the super-rich and their politicians.

Socialist Party feature

spotHow can we stop austerity?

Just six weeks after the general election – on 20 June – people are flocking to London to show their opposition to austerity. But after the march – what next?

Socialist history

spotWhen organised mass action defeated the Tories

Liverpool city council’s historic victory over the Thatcher government has valuable lessons for today.

spot1985: How school students beat the Tories

30 years ago, the Tories tried to introduce a ‘Youth Training Scheme’ which conscripted us into working for our dole money. Young people rebelled in their millions and defeated Thatcher’s plan.

Socialist Party workplace news

spotBakery workers fight pay freeze and other cuts

“Gunstones Bakery – 150 years in the making, three years to destroy!” commented a union steward

spotSchool kitchen workers win £9.15 an hour

spotFighting mood from Unison delegates

Unison local government conference: the public sector union’s local authority conference on 14 and 15 June showed growing anger at leadership sell-outs and Tory attacks.

spotFire service cuts a double-edged sword

Firefighters and 999 controllers in Essex struck overnight on 13 and 14 June. The action was the latest in a long-running dispute over staffing cuts and shift changes.

spotIrony of victimised gardener

A gardener trade union rep has been victimised by his employers – the same Glasgow venue where his union’s annual conference is being held.

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short updates from across the trade union movement.

International socialist news and analysis

spotTurkey: historic breakthrough for left

Turkey’s political landscape was shaken on 7 June. On election night, the feeling of left and Kurdish activists mirrored that of the Gezi Park movement in the summer of 2013. The ruling right-wing, conservative AKP suffered a huge blow.

spotInternational news in brief

Short reports from socialist activities around the globe.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotYouth Fight Austerity: protest on 8 July!

Tory Chancellor Osborne plans a bonfire of welfare, jobs and services. This will be a billionaires’ Budget – specially designed to transfer huge sums of wealth from working class people to the very richest. Join us on the protest!

spotGive us the resources to fight Tory attacks

Can you make a donation to support the Socialist Party and our struggle for a socialist alternative?

spotAsylum solidarity – Justice for Janahan

Tamil activist and torture victim Janahan faces horror if he is deported. Defend his right to stay!

Socialist Party comments and reviews

spotFight back with the real socialists!

Why I joined the Socialist Party: The main reason I joined the Socialist Party was the support we got on the Kone engineering workers’ picket line, writes a shop steward.

spotThe real health and safety ‘madness’

The Tories want more of us maimed or killed at work – this is the real health and safety madness.


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