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The Socialist issue 861

24 June 2015

Organise the fightback!

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The Socialist issue 861

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotCity of London fills with defiance against austerity

A vast mass of people compressed into the streets next to the Bank of England on Saturday 20 June, eager to show their anger and opposition to the Tory government’s vicious austerity agenda

People's Assembly demo, 20 June 2015, photo Paul Mattsson

spotAfter huge anti-austerity demos: organise the fightback!

Over a month’s wages are about to disappear from the pockets of millions of low-paid families. Despite hundreds of thousands taking to the streets on the fantastic anti-austerity demos on 20 June, more cuts are threatened.

spotChild poverty soars

By 2020, almost a quarter of UK children will lack the basic necessities needed to keep body and soul together.

spotYouth Fight Austerity!

Under Cameron’s previous Con-Dem coalition government, young people bore much of the brunt of Tory inflicted austerity. But Tories such as chancellor George Osborne are not content.

spotThem & Us

Short dispatches on the utter hypocrisy of the bosses and their politicians.

Socialist Party comments and reviews

spotWhy I joined

A new member of the Socialist Party explains that he felt he needed to join the fightback – after years of being faced by a political choice between different shades of blue.

spotLaying the foundation stones of the workers’ movement

Rolling Stonemason: An Autobiography by Fred Bower – worker, socialist and artist – is a little pearl of a book.

spotTheatre review: The Red Lion

Writer Patrick Marber returns to the National Theatre after a long absence with a beautiful three-man show set in the desperate, passionate and quasi-religious world of a non-league football club.

Socialist Party features

spotCan Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership challenge help to develop the socialist left?

The entry of Jeremy Corbyn, a long-standing Labour left, into the Labour leadership contest has generated interest in an otherwise moribund ‘pro-business’, mostly Blairite-dominated contest, writes Peter Taaffe

spotWhat next for the NHS?

A new Tory government spells disaster for our already-beleaguered National Health Service. Socialist Party health workers and service users pick apart the problems the NHS faces – and what needs to happen to save it.

International socialist news and analysis

spotGreece: Syriza backtracks

The outlines of a possible deal between the Greek government and the Troika (the EU, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund) were being put together as the Socialist went to press.

spotInternational news in brief

Short stories on workers’ struggles around the world.

Socialist Party workplace news

spotPrentis pushed to talk up action

Delegates to public sector union Unison’s national conference on 16 to 19 June underlined the need for a fighting strategy.

spotTransport workers plan fightback

As we go to press, members of transport union RMT are discussing how to fight back at their national conference, writes Transport workers plan fightback.

spotRegulator eyes Royal Mail for profit

Communications regulator Ofcom has announced a “fundamental review” of Royal Mail. This could be the next step in turning the former state postal service, privatised in 2013, into a for-profit business.

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles.

spotStrike in Swansea to defend home tuition jobs

Swansea council’s planned cuts of £670,000 from the budget of EOTAS (Education other than at Schools) has led to a further three-day strike by education workers who could see their numbers reduced by 50% if the proposals go through

spotOutsourced workers’ pay strike

Workers employed by outsourcing giant Capita in Salford, Greater Manchester, took a second day of strike action on 19 June against measly pay offers.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotCampaigning for the victims of police brutality

A former police firearms officer is to be prosecuted for the murder of young black man Azelle Rodney in 2005

spotWales: Local Government reorganisation threat

It is estimated that 15,000 jobs could be lost as a result of local government reorganisation in Wales.

spotScotland anti-austerity rally, Glasgow

5,000 trade unionists, young people and anti-austerity campaigners attended the Scotland United Against Austerity rally con 20 June. The mood reflected a real desire for action against austerity, and a searching for the best way to fight back.

spotLabour wields Tory axe at Library of Birmingham

150 people, a dalek, a crocodile and Mickey and Minnie Mouse protested on 13 June against cuts to the Library of Birmingham.

spotHull: A new generation of activists

The emergence of a new younger generation of activists is a shot in the arm to older workers who are perhaps feeling a little down after the Tory election victory.

spotGrowing the party in Sheffield

At the annual Heeley Festival in Sheffield, Socialist Party members held a stall and had a great day – raising £176 for our fighting fund from plant sales.

spotSocialist bake-off at London picnic

After a long Saturday on the People’s Assembly demo, London Socialist Party members met up on Sunday 21 June for a picnic and BBQ in the park – raising £160 for the fighting fund.


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