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Friday, June 21, 2024

The Socialist issue 862

1 July 2015

Reject EU austerity!

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The Socialist issue 862

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotOsborne’s budget cuts will devastate low-income households

The Tory chancellor’s budget of £12 billion extra welfare spending cuts will have a terrible impact on low-income households.

spotThe corporate welfare state

Chancellor Osborne’s savage attack on welfare benefits has been accompanied by accusing low-income families of a ‘something-for-nothing’ culture. But how then does the government explain the ‘corporate welfare bill’?

spotThem & Us

Short dispatches on the utter hypocrisy of the bosses and their politicians.

spotSeverely disabled funding hit by Tories

Disability rights campaigners, furious at the government’s spending cuts, took their protest into the House of Commons on 24 June during Prime Minister’s Questions. They were stopped from entering the chamber by police.

spotGovernment reneges on rail modernisation pledge

Last week transport secretary Patrick Mcloughlin announced that Network Rail’s £38.5 billion modernisation plan for Britain’s railways has been postponed. This underscores the government’s intentions of yet more savage cuts in public spending.

spotWarrington TUSC councillor slams ‘undemocratic’ Labour administration

The Labour administration at Warrington Council has tried to stifle democratic debate.

International socialist news and analysis

spotSolidarity with Greek workers! Reject EU austerity

Events in Greece have thrown the entire eurozone into crisis and threaten its very existence. Workers in the beleaguered country must reject the austerity dictates of European money lenders.

spotTerrorist attacks: working class people pay the price

The cold-blooded slaughter of 39 tourists in a Tunisian beach resort was carried out in the run-up to the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 terrorist bombings in London. But who laid the basis for the hornets’ nest of bloody sectarian conflict in parts of the Middle East?

Socialist Party features

spotHow to fight the anti-union laws

Britain’s anti-union laws, already among the most restrictive in Europe, are set to get even harsher. Trade unions must be ready to defy these laws – and to call a general strike in defence of any union punished for doing so.

spotTen years since the London 7/7 bombings

7/7, in 2005, was a terrible nightmare. In rush hour traffic in London, suicide bombers attacked three underground tube trains and a bus. Now, the Tories will try to use the memory of 7/7 to justify proposed anti-democratic legislation against ‘extremism’.

Socialist Party workplace news

spotRMT plans transport shutdowns

Transport union RMT prepared for London shutdowns and First Great Western railway strikes at its AGM on 21 to 26 June

spotBritain’s biggest union to discuss leaving Labour

Britain’s largest trade union, Unite, will discuss making major changes to political strategy at its four-yearly ‘rules conference’ on 6 to 10 July.

spotEscalate strikes to fight council’s 90% sell-off

On the back of their shock general election win, the Tories think they are untouchable. In one borough in south-east London, they plan to outsource more than 90% of staff.

spotScotland ferry ‘lifeline’ sell-off strike

West Scotland ferry workers struck on 25 June against privatisation and cuts to jobs, pay and pensions on their “lifeline” routes.

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotPride: we need politics, not just a parade

Today’s Pride, sponsored by Barclays, Boris Johnson, Asda etc. focuses on the commercial and personal, not the political. But what has big business ever done to fight homophobia?

spot£9,000 tuition fees legacy – debt and slave labour

Students graduating from university this year will be the first generation that faced £9,000 a year tuition fees over their three years. The Socialist Party campaigns for all fees to be scrapped.

spotBlock Osborne’s Billionaire Budget

The Tory chancellor’s new spending cuts will hit young people hard. Join young activists in towns and cities across the country to protest on 8 July!

spotVictory against disabled transport cuts in Derby

Derby City Labour council has scrapped plans to change the school transport arrangements for children with special needs.

spotVictory for anti-fracking movement

Anti-fracking campaigners were celebrating after Lancashire County Council on 29 June voted down a planning application to extract shale gas – ‘fracking’ – at Little Plumpton, between Preston and Blackpool.

spotShirebrook: united campaign against danger of division

A stabbing of a man walking his dog in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, the second in a month, has increased tensions in the ex-mining town.


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