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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 867

19 August 2015

Corbyn: no cuts stand wins mass support

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The Socialist issue 867

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Socialist Party features

spotThe Labour Party, Militant and ‘infiltration’

In fury at the popularity of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership campaign, right wing politicians and media alike have been referring to ‘infiltration’ of the Labour Party by Militant supporters. Militant was the predecessor of the Socialist Party – whose supporters in the past were members of the Labour Party. This has not been the case for decades.

spotGulf War ‘unfinished business’ remains today

25 years since invasion of Kuwait: 25 years ago, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq invaded neighbouring Kuwait. Western powers responded with a build-up of forces that led to the Gulf War the next year.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotSubscribe to the Socialist!

This edition of the Socialist and previous ones give a glimpse of the stormy period ahead of us. This shows the importance of our weekly newspaper – the Socialist.

spotFascists caged, humiliated and driven out of Liverpool

There was a great result for anti-fascist activists in Liverpool on 15 August who opposed far-right group National Action and their planned ‘White Man March’.

spotWe won’t pay for their crisis!

As the number of officially unemployed people increases, Tory Cabinet minister Michael Hancock has announced punitive plans to force unemployed youth to attend military-style boot camps.

spotAnger at bus service cuts in Sheffield

Sheffield Bus Partnership is attempting to make drastic cuts to bus services in the city. 50 buses a day will be taken off the network resulting in approximately 150 bus workers losing their jobs.

spotTUSC by-election boost in Grimsby and Cleethorpes

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate Dave Mitchell won 4.1% in a council by-election in Cleethorpes. This was up on 1.8% in the last election.

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotCorbyn stand: A welcome upheaval in British politics

Labour’s right-wing have been astonished and horrified at the over-flowing rallies for Jeremy Corbyn. Those staunch defenders of austerity can only dream about attracting such large, enthusiastic and young audiences.

spotSolidarity with the Polish workers’ strike

On 20 August, Polish workers in Britain are going on strike to say no to cuts and low wages. They are also taking a stand against the migrant-worker-bashing attitude of the people in power.

spotGovernment discrimination against EU workers

In Bristol, two Socialist Party members and their families are having their very right to live and work in the UK threatened. Both are European Union nationals with children, who came to the UK to work.

spotKids Company closure

The failure of David Cameron’s ‘big society’: On 7 August Kids Company, a charity providing care for vulnerable children, closed its doors for the last time.

spotThem & Us

Short dispatches on the utter hypocrisy of the bosses and their politicians.

Workplace news and analysis

spotSocialist challenges right winger for Unison leadership

Rank-and-file socialist Roger Bannister is standing for general secretary of Unison, Britain’s largest public sector union.

spotNational Gallery all-out strike goes on as bosses sell off jobs

The prolonged dispute at the National Gallery turned to indefinite strike on 11 August. Management has now signed guest services over to notorious outsourcers Securitas, but strikers are still confident they can win.

spotLondon tube’s summer of strikes joined by First Great Western

As we go to press, London Underground could be shuttered again by bosses’ pig-headedness over staff restructuring and night service. To complement the tube’s summer of strikes, RMT members on First Great Western walk out for 72 hours this bank holiday.

spotProbation and courts union Napo needs socialist leadership

Members of probation and family courts union Napo are currently voting for national officers. The union is under sustained attack following the break-up and privatisation of over half the probation service.

spotUni unions ready Manchester jobs fight

Trade unions UCU, Unison and Unite at the University of Manchester are preparing to fight to save hundreds of jobs. Over 300 staff attended a joint union meeting to discuss management threats.

spotRetail union must fight Sunday trading deregulation

Among the Tories’ vicious attacks on working class people is further deregulation of Sunday trading.

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles.

International socialist news and analysis

spotGreece: Building a new left alternative after Syriza capitulation

Xekinima (Greek sister organisation of the Socialist Party) has called for a “new mass left”. This demand is starting to be realised in response to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s disastrous acceptance of more EU austerity.

spotIreland: drop the prosecutions, scrap the water charges

Twenty-three of the 40 anti-water charges protesters arrested earlier this year in Ireland are expected to be charged with “false imprisonment” of the deputy prime minister following a peaceful sit-down protest in Dublin in 2014.

spotUS: Kshama Sawant leads Seattle primary elections count on 50%

Kshama Sawant, a member of Socialist Alternative (co-thinkers of the Socialist Party in the US) won over 50% of the vote in a Seattle City Council primary on 4 August.


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