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The Socialist issue 870

16 September 2015

A new era for the 99%

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The Socialist issue 870

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotCorbyn’s leadership victory; A new era for the 99%

The pro-austerity consensus has been smashed with Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader of the Labour Party with an overwhelming 59.5% of the vote. The hopes have been raised of millions who want to see a society for the 99% not the 1%.

spotNSSN rally calls for mass action to ‘Kill the Bill!’

spot‘Socialism is popular’ confirms Lord Ashcroft

Electability is a funny old thing. Jeremy Corbyn is not supposed to have any, yet now he is leader of the Labour Party, writes Dave Murray.

spotMinistry of Justice : Stop this privatisation scandal!

spotThem & Us

The Financial Times (12 September) included a supplement called: ‘How to spend it – special men’s style edition’

International socialist news and analysis

spotRefugee crisis: Imperialist countries bear major responsibility

It is the ruling classes of the imperialist countries who bear the major responsibility for the current situation, writes Robert Bechert, Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI).

spotNorthern Ireland Executive crisis

The devolved government administration in Northern Ireland is in danger of total collapse. A crisis erupted in the aftermath of the killing of ex-IRA member Kevin McGuigan in Belfast on 13 August

spotGreek general election

Socialist Party workplace news

spot7½ out of 8 victory for Doncaster council workers

The council wanted to force nearly 300 workers onto new contracts with 11-hour shifts and 26 weekends a year

spotParliament protest against the anti-union bill

spotSupport Teesside construction workers: Pay the rate!

spotSports Direct’s ‘workhouse conditions’

spotWorkplace news in brief

Socialist Party youth and students

spotFight austerity in education!

Arriving on campus this year? Student debt, super-expensive housing and the prospect of graduating to low-paid and insecure work will be on the minds of many.

spotStudents join campaign for affordable housing!

As students, we’ve all felt it. That grim punch to the gut that comes with the first of every month. I’m talking about rent.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotRefugee Lives Matter – large turnout for demo

Thousands upon thousands of people thronged through central London on Saturday on the Refugees Welcome Here demonstration

spot‘Save our Island homes’

Housing Association One Housing Group (OHG) is feeling the pressure of the organised residents’ Save Our Island Homes Campaign on four estates in the Isle of Dogs, east London, writes Amalia.

spot‘Collectathon’: Sell the Socialist; and donate!

The Socialist Party, along with our weekly newspaper, the Socialist, has been present at almost all of the 100 rallies (and overflow meetings too) that Jeremy Corbyn spoke to in the run-up to his landslide victory, writes Ian Pattison

Socialist Party feature

spotTwelve hours in the life of a carer

I am an adult carer, having fostered three boys at home. Two of them are dependent for all their needs on me and my husband John.

Socialist Party comments and reviews

spotQueen celebrates longest reign – let’s make it the last!

spotTheatre review: ‘An angry call for revolt’

Effie is a working class girl in an area of Cardiff hit hard by cuts. No work, no hope, shops boarded up, library and swimming pool closed, streets littered with dog shit.

spotComedy review: Leopardoptera

spotThoughts from the web

Congratulations to @Corbyn4Leader 60% of 1st preference votes, new leader of the Labour Party! Build a working class Labour out of New Labour


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