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Friday, June 21, 2024

The Socialist issue 874

14 October 2015

Organise to fight endless austerity

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The Socialist issue 874

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotOrganise to fight endless austerity

Resist the Tories and the Blairites: After making a stand over the budget, Corbyn must organise supporters.

spotTory tax credit thieves take up to £1,700 a year from workers

It was with overwhelming shock that I learnt my family stands to lose around £140 a month. Tory cuts to tax credits will hit us hard when implemented in 2016. Some families stand to lose up to £1,700 a year.

spotWorkers on Tory ‘living’ wage can’t afford Tory ‘starter homes’

There are only three places in England the homes would be cheap enough to buy on the new £9 ‘National Living (minimum) Wage’: Barrow-in-Furness, Southport, and Hull.

spot80 ambulance calls in two years for exhausted Sports Direct staff

At the headquarters of infamous retailer Sports Direct, ambulances were called more than 80 times over two years.

spotFat-cat Facebook pays less UK tax than couple earning national average wage

The social media multinational paid just £4,327 in UK corporation tax. This is compared to the total £4,800 income tax paid by a couple each earning the median wage of £22,000.

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us. Tories want us to ‘work like Chinese’, Royals have flight paths redirected away from their home, yuppie cafe mocks the poor.

spotDaily Mail cake bake race hate debate

Right-wing rag the Daily Mail has featured the Bake Off winner on their front page every year since the series began. Until last week.

Socialist Party feature

spotHealth service: condition critical

Our NHS is ill. Its health is worsening. Like someone with cancer, symptoms appear in different parts of its body although it just gets by day to day.

spotDoctors fight back!

List of upcoming protests against changes to junior doctors’ contracts.

Socialist Party youth and students

spotUnder-25s: productive, passionate and underpaid

Tory treasury minister Matt Hancock (right) said under-25s are not “productive” enough to deserve the minimum wage. The government’s new ‘national living wage’ – which is not actually a living wage – is only for workers over 25.

spotBoozers of the world unite! London Marx pub crawl

Even productive under-25s need to take a break! London Socialist Students went on its annual Karl Marx pub crawl on 8 October.

spotReading launches new Socialist Students group

Students at Reading have formed the university’s first branch of Socialist Students.

International socialist news and analysis

spotSyria: Western governments’ interventionist strategy in tatters

After four and a half long, bloody years of civil war in Syria – with over a quarter of a million dead and eleven million displaced – there is still no end in sight

spotBomb attack on Ankara peace demo

Workplace news and analysis

spotShould trade unions be re-affiliating to the Labour Party?

In light of Jeremy Corbyn’s victory, is the issue of non-affiliated unions affiliating to Labour now on the agenda?

spotNapo at a crossroads

Probation and family courts workers – gathering in Eastbourne for their union Napo’s conference – face an uncertain future as the full scale of cuts and privatisation comes into view.

spotJunior doctors’ dispute

Tory government plans to increase junior doctors’ hours and cut pay – as part of its ’24/7′ NHS service – have incensed staff who already work long hours, including weekends.

spotUnison general secretary election: Roger Bannister wins place on ballot paper

Rank-and-file socialist Roger Bannister has received the 25 branch nominations needed to run for general secretary of Unison, Britain’s largest public sector union.

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Redcar steel plant closure, campaigning to stop the Trade Union Bill, junior doctors protest against contract changes.

spotLiving wage victory for Hackney traffic wardens

The five day strike by traffic wardens in Hackney, a bid to get proper sick pay, has been suspended to allow talks.

spotSchool support staff: Furious response to pay cut threat

spotGlasgow’s trade unions demand ‘no-cuts’ budget from council

Trade unions in Glasgow City Council call on all elected politicians in the city to use all available financial mechanisms to hold off any further cuts while leading a fight to win more money for the city.

spotCollege cuts and funding chaos

It is clear that austerity measures to state education services do not affect us all equally, and further education colleges are bearing the biggest brunt of cuts to education.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotFighting Fund target smashed!

Socialist Party members worked tirelessly to raise over £15,000 in September to smash our quarterly fighting fund target, reaching 110%.

spotThousands cram ‘the People’s Post’ rally to hear Corbyn

The privatisation of Royal Mail is deeply unpopular but clearly the biggest draw to this rally was the main speaker, Jeremy Corbyn.

spotTUSC groups writing to Labour councillors

Several councillors have responded positively about starting a discussion, though many express concerns about the practicalities of setting no-cuts budgets.


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