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The Socialist issue 879

18 November 2015

No to terror, war, racism

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The Socialist issue 879

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotHow to defend Corbyn and defeat austerity

Jeremy Corbyn continues to face savage and relentless attacks from the capitalist establishment and also from within Labour,

spotWe can defeat the Tory cuts!

Cutting Cameron complains to local council: As council budget proposals for next year see the light of day, opposition to further cuts is shaking the ground beneath the sheltered gardens of West Oxfordshire MP, David Cameron. He was forced to write a letter to the council criticising cuts!

spotTories flog bank assets to hellhound US profiteers

Chancellor George Osborne is hailing his £13 billion sell-off of Northern Rock mortgages as a success. But overall, the taxpayer has made a big net loss on sales of public assets.

spotAthletics doping scandal: big business profits behind global sports corruption

In a dramatic move, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF – the world’s governing sports body) has provisionally suspended the Russian athletics federation. This follows a damning report by the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) accusing the Russians of “state-sponsored doping”.

spotCouncils won’t spend a penny

A Labour councillor responsible for closing all his area’s public toilets has been caught relieving himself on the street.

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us. Over 100,000 children in the UK will be homeless this Christmas. Meanwhile, the number of ‘property millionaires’ has doubled since 2012.

Socialist Party features

spotThe end of social housing? How can we solve the housing crisis?

The cat is out of the bag. As the Financial Times reported: “Chancellor George Osborne is considering a radical multibillion-pound plan to privatise the government’s stake in housing associations”.

spotHow can young people organise to support Jeremy Corbyn?

Report – ‘Labour Young Socialists’: The raging civil war within Labour formed the backdrop to the ‘Labour Young Socialists’ rally on 11 November. But the approach of the meeting’s organisers failed to offer a way forward.

International socialist news and analysis

spotParis terror attacks

Only workers’ unity can end terrorism, division and war: The atrocities committed by Isis stunned and appalled people anew

Workplace news and analysis

spotJunior doctors: first strikes in 40 years

The British Medical Association has announced three strike days – the first since 1975. A 24-hour strike with emergency cover from 8am on 1 December will precede all-out strikes between 8am and 5pm on 8 and 16 December.

spotTrade union action needed to fight for steel jobs

Around 1,000 steelworkers and supporters marched through Scunthorpe

spotHistoric London bus drivers’ agreement

London bus drivers have won a city wide collective agreement for the first time since privatisation over 20 years ago. This had unanimous support from trade union reps and convenors.

spotReinstate sacked CWU reps

As reported in the Socialist last week, Clive Walder, a longstanding Socialist Party member in the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) has had an appeal against unfair dismissal rejected. Also John Vasey, a CWU postal rep, has been sacked on what his work colleagues recognise as stitched up charges.

spotPro-Corbyn mood among Usdaw members

The shop workers’ union Usdaw’s Eastern divisional conference on 14 and 15 November took place against the backdrop of Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader and the changed situation since.

spotSupport for Roger Bannister in Unison election

There has been widespread support for Roger Bannister in his campaign to be elected Unison general secretary, with Unison members leafleting workplaces and announcing on social media why they have voted for him.

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Secure hospital strike, sacked university rep reinstated, defend victimised CWU reps.

Readers’ comments and reviews

spotAll NHS unions should join junior doctors’ strike

Featured letter – health service: My trust boasts of £36 million of “savings” last year and has a target of £20 million this year. But what has this meant in practice?

spotA day in the life of a Game retail worker

“Zero-hour contract means I struggle to make my rent”: I wish I could describe a standard working day but being on a zero-hour contract, days are anything but standard.

spotWhy I joined: “I already feel as if I am finally home”

I have been a socialist ever since the day in 1984, when nine years old, I recall my father swearing about Maggie Thatcher during news coverage of the miners’ strike.

spotRobert Tressell’s characters are all too real to me

Comment – The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists: I have only been a member for a year, and have recently read Robert Tressell’s classic socialist novel. I was recommended the title as I am also a decorator like the characters in the book.

spotMy struggle for an income I can live on

“Please Sir, can I have a job?”: I have multiple disabilities that include mobility post-traumatic stress disorder and dyslexia.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotLabour bans union activist

London bus driver and Unite branch secretary Joanne Harris has been barred membership of the Labour Party for five years.

spotThousands march against India premier’s bloody sectarianism

Thousands gathered outside 10 Downing Street on 12 November to protest against the visit of Narendra Modi, prime minister of India.

spotStrike to save Lambeth libraries

Labour controlled Lambeth Council in South London plans to devastate library services in the borough. It plans to close down five of its ten libraries in order to sell them off to private gym companies. Lambeth’s residents are not prepared to put up with this attack.

spotGaining momentum in Lewisham

Momentum in Lewisham could play an important role in coordinating this work inside and outside the Labour Party so that a fighting alternative to austerity is built in Lewisham and nationally.

spotAnger at care home closure

A facility called Oakdene, used by adults with learning difficulties, is in need of refurbishment. But the council is considering finding a new place for them by closing an elderly care home and moving the facility there instead!


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