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The Socialist issue 897

13 April 2016

Panama papers, steel crisis, junior doctors' contract, austerity...Tories out!

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The Socialist issue 897

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Panama Papers

spotPanama Papers reveal corrupt system of the 1%

Tories out!, photo Sarah Wrack

Tories out!, photo Sarah Wrack

spotAusterity not needed

The Panama Papers reveal a financial parallel world in which the ‘masters of the universe’ keep their ill-gotten gains. The scale of this wealth hoarding is astonishing.

spotReactionary EU campaigners implicated by Panama Papers

One aspect of the Panama Papers revelations not widely commented on is the links with the reactionary Vote Leave and Grassroots Out EU referendum campaigns of some of the ‘offshore investors’ named.

spotAnother Fifa corruption scandal

The last Fifa corruption revelations were hardly out of the headlines when a new scandal has struck the damaged organisation – this time from the Panama Papers.

spotHouses for offshore investment, we’re stuck at home

The Panama Papers proved what many people already know, that the rich will do whatever they can to hide their vast sums of money and avoid paying tax.

Socialist Party workplace news

spotNationalise to save all Steel jobs

Tata Steel’s UK assets are officially up for sale. Investment bankers and vulture capitalists are eyeing up any profitable pickings while at the same time willing to throw thousands of workers and their communities onto the scrapheap.

spotSave BIS Sheffield: we won’t be a Northern Poorhouse!

Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell described Sheffield as the City of Resistance. It certainly felt like it on 9 April as 700 people marched around the city centre before listening to speeches at a city hall rally.

spotRMT branch calls for TUSC backing to continue

Members of the transport workers’ union, the RMT, and particularly its late general secretary Bob Crow, have played a crucial role in the building of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) since its birth in 2010. TUSC was founded to take forward the fight to re-build independent working class political representation.

spotDoctors fight on against imposed contracts

Junior doctors have continued their magnificent battle against imposed, worsened contracts

spotConstruction workers defend jobs and pay

From 6am on Thursday 7th April, 150 engineering construction workers (Ucatt, GMB, Unite) gathered for the second time to protest outside Templeborough Waste to Energy power station in Rotherham. Company bosses are using the EU Posted Workers Directive legislation to pay migrant workers less than the UK national industry (NAECI) pay agreement.

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles including the struggle against low pay and the latest industrial action on the London Underground.

Review: Militant by Michael Crick

spotReview: ‘Militant’ by Michael Crick

Lessons of Militant vital for anti-austerity struggles today: Michael Crick’s book ‘Militant’ was first published in 1984. Why has it now been re-issued 32 years later?


spotSolidarity with refugees: fight for jobs, homes and services for all

The latest stage of the refugee crisis has seen the European Union (EU) strike a dangerous deal with the Turkish state to try to reduce the number of refugees reaching Europe. All refugees arriving in Greece will be returned to Turkey.

spotCampaigning for scholarships for refugees – and free education for all

Portsmouth Socialist Students, together with activists from other student societies, have launched a petition asking the University of Portsmouth to offer 20 scholarships to refugees. 26 British universities have already done this.

International socialist news and analysis

spotFrance: full-scale struggle with government is erupting

A new period of class struggle has opened up in France. Until recently, the smouldering discontent among workers was finding expression in isolated but numerous workplace battles – over threatened closures, redundancies and the growing repression against workers’ representatives.

spotBangladesh: stop the Rampal power project

The world’s largest mangrove forest lies on the deltas of three rivers: the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers on the Bay of Bengal. In this area of outstanding natural beauty called the Sundarbans, the Bangladeshi government plans to site a coal-fired power plant.

spotBrazil: solidarity with attacked civil servants

On 4 April, a group of civil servants in Praia Grande, Brazil, who are in struggle for a wage increase of 12.5%, occupied their trade union (linked to Força Sindical) offices in protest at the treacherous actions of the union leadership which threatened to sell out their dispute.

spotInternational Panama Papers protests

Short stories on workers’ struggles around the world in the wake of the Panama Papers scandal.

EU referendum

spotBosses back EU to boost NHS sell-offs

The future of the NHS has emerged as a key battleground in the debate surrounding Britain’s referendum on membership of the European Union (EU)

Socialist Party campaigns

spotLibrary occupation ends with march on cutting council

The community occupation of Carnegie Library in Lambeth, south London, ended proudly and defiantly on 9 April. Over a thousand local residents and workers marched in protest – including a rebel Labour councillor. But the fight to save this and three other libraries is not over.

spotSales of the Socialist on the rise, read all about it!

We had a very successful sales campaign of the Socialist in the first three months of 2015 – selling 2,000 more than in the previous quarter. That’s on top of thousands that landed on door mats via subscription.

spotNo A-level courses in Knowsley thanks to ‘academies’ system

Within a few weeks there will be no A-level provision in the borough of Knowsley, Merseyside. This is a chilling portent of what will happen to education in working class areas if the Tories and Blairites are allowed to get away with turning council-run schools into ‘academies’ run by unaccountable private profiteers.

spotWorkers and youth unite to defend vital services

Youth workers and teenage service users lobbied Camden council on 6 April in defence of youth services which the Labour council plans to slash.

spot“Not the church, not the state – women must decide their fate!”

Defend the NHS

spotHuddersfield A&E fightback grows

The campaign to save accident and emergency services in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, is mobilising all its forces for a public ‘consultation’ on 18 April.

spotDemonstration to defend the NHS in Leicester

Our NHS is under attack like never before, and we must act now to save it. As an NHS worker and Unison member, I chaired a protest organised by Leicestershire Against The Cuts on 9 April.

spotWorcestershire: hands off our health service!

Worcestershire has been hit time and time again with cuts to its NHS. It’s been 16 years since New Labour closed Kidderminster’s A&E, last year the Tories and Lib Dems closed the Cookley rehab ward and now the Tories plan to close the GP centre in the Kidderminster hospital.


spotLetter: Women and work

Women have borne the brunt of the cuts inflicted by the Con-Dems and the current government. Of the people living in poverty in this country, 40% are women and 23% are children.


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