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The Socialist issue 905

8 June 2016

No to Tory and EU austerity

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The Socialist issue 905

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EU referendum

spotNo to Tory and EU austerity

The EU doesn’t protect workers’ rights: Ten trade union leaders in a letter to the Guardian naively called for the EU to change. Millions of impoverished Greek workers could tell them: it is a bit too late for that.

spotYouth must fight for their future

Switched off, disengaged and bemused: these are just a few of the adjectives that have been used to describe the way young people are reacting to the current EU referendum debate

spotNorthern Ireland: Biggest trade union supports EU exit

The Public Services Union (Nipsa) in Northern Ireland has voted to oppose continued membership the EU.

spotLetter to the Socialist: EU referendum

Most of the capitalist class has consistently defended what it originally called the ‘Common Market’, but tried to develop and make more palatable as the ‘European Economic Community’ and then the ‘European Union’

spotThe socialist case against the EU: TUSC tour continues

“The Tory government could be brought down if Brexit triumphs” declared Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe to a packed London meeting

Socialist history

spotChina’s ‘Cultural Revolution’ 1966-67

50 years ago the ‘Cultural Revolution’ began in China. Here we carry an edited version of article written by Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe for Militant (predecessor of the Socialist) in February 1967.

Socialist Party review

spotMusic review: No to TTIP

Left-wing Brexit campaign Trade Unionists Against the EU has released a 12-song compilation album, ‘No to TTIP’

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotAthens bus workers clean up

Austerity-hit Greek workers struck back with a pay victory on 3 June. Athens bus cleaners had already undertaken 15 days of strike action against their contracted employer Link Ap over months of unpaid wages and being underpaid

spotExploitation Britain: Unionise and fight for a living wage

spotMuhammad Ali 1942-2016

As well as Muhammad Ali’s sporting achievements, many will mourn the loss of an activist of the 1960s’ anti-war and black liberation movements

spotHousing: Let’s reclaim our right to dream again!

Britain’s housing crisis affects many but in particular the generations after the ‘baby boomers’ of the 1950s and 60s, writes Amalia.

spotNationalise the rip-off drug companies

Nothing quite exposes the rotten and intensely selfish and individualist nature of the capitalist system like the amount of wealth generated by the pharmaceutical industry

spotThem & Us

Millionaire and former government minister Iain Duncan Smith claimed that cutting welfare payments and capping benefits would ‘incentivise’ unemployed people to find work – the Tory equivalent of a cattle prod

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotLink the strikes – come to the NSSN conference

On Saturday 2 July trade unionists will meet at the te National Shop Stewards Network conference

spotMomentum Youth and Students: Witch hunts won’t take movement forward

Momentum held the launch of its youth and student organisation on Sunday 5 June.

spotTamil Solidarity Day

An intense and energetic fightback against oppression. That best describes this year’s Solidarity Day – organised by Tamil Solidarity at the Unite headquarters in London, on 4 June

spotStudent nurses march to oppose bursary cut

spotPensioners fight ageist Tory cuts

spotDangerous, dirty and damp: the unseen world of temporary accommodation

Socialist Party workplace news

spotRF Brookes walk out over pay cut

Over 80 workers, members of the BFAWU bakers’ union, rallied at the picket line at RJ Brookes

spotPennine Foods strike: “Business NOT open as usual – Again!”

Pennine Foods strike 6.6.16, photo A Tice

spotJunior doctors’ dispute: New offer falls short

Junior doctors are being consulted by their union the BMA over the government’s offer to settle the longstanding dispute over the new contract

spotPCS campaign against Land Registry privatisation

The Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union campaign against Land Registry privatisation has stepped up a gear

spotWorkplace news in brief


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