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The Socialist issue 907

22 June 2016

After the EU referendum...get the Tories out!

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The Socialist issue 907

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EU referendum

spotAfter the EU referendum…get the Tories out!

Whatever the referendum result, working and middle class people will still have to fight austerity cuts to our living standards and privatisation of our public services.

spotLeft alternative needed to counter austerity, racism and the far right

Following the terrible and shocking murder of MP Jo Cox in West Yorkshire, questions have been asked about the role played by racist propaganda during the EU referendum campaign. Her attacker, Thomas Mair, when asked for his name in court, said “death to traitors, freedom for Britain”.

spotMerseyside TUSC rally: Standing up for the working class

Nearly 70 people crammed into the meeting hall at the Casa to hear Merseyside TUSC’s “socialist case against the EU” last night, including many young people and first-time attendees of TUSC events.

spotStoke TUSC: Exposing the EU Employers’ Union

An excellent TUSC meeting took place in Stoke-on-Trent last night despite torrential rain and the shock at the savage killing of Labour MP Jo Cox earlier in the day. It was touch and go whether the meeting would actually take place because of the horror of what had happened.

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotBHS pensions insult

Some 20,000 members of the BHS pension scheme are concerned to find their pensions from the failed firm are now in the Pension Protection Fund, meaning they will receive less than expected.

spot148,000 households faced risk of eviction

Over the last 12 months, housing charity Shelter found 148,000 households at risk of eviction.

spotPensions 20x smaller for younger workers

Young workers once again find themselves being ripped off, as a report indicates that companies spend 20 times more on older workers’ pensions than younger workers’.

spotClimate chaos

Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are due to pass a major milestone this year. Avoiding a calamitous 2°C temperature rise will need a 40 to 70% emissions cut by 2050.

spotBrazil budget

spotThem & Us

LGBT liberation

spotSolidarity to end LGBT-phobia

Pride month 2016 comes at a time of increased attacks on LGBT people – not least the horrific massacre in Orlando. While there have been steps forward in social attitudes and legal rights, genuine equality remains elusive. The Socialist Party fights for the liberation of all oppressed sexualities and gender identities – and the root cause of oppression and division: capitalism. Two members of the Socialist Party’s LGBT group, an acronym we use in the broadest, most inclusive sense, take stock of the fight.

spotLGBT liberation and socialism

Pride month 2016 comes at a time of increased attacks on LGBT people – not least the horrific massacre in Orlando

Socialist Party workplace news

spotBFAWU conference 2016: “A council of war”

The BFAWU bakers’ union conference 12-16 June in Southport felt like a real council of war. This is a union with 20,000 members – that is numerically smaller than others – but huge ambition to defend them at a time when it is under siege from the food employers who want to protect their profits.

spotReinstate sacked Samworth Brothers union activist

The recent rise in the national living wage, although still falling well short of a real living wage of £10 an hour, was meant to make it easier for workers to afford to pay their rent and bills.

spotNational Museum Wales strikers ballot on offer

National Museum of Wales workers are balloting on an offer after seven weeks on strike

spotSolid strike against “Britain’s worst train company”

Services run by what workers are calling “Britain’s worst rail company” have again been hit by strike action in a long running dispute over plans to get rid of conductors and operate driver-only trains. Workers at Southern Railway, members of the RMT transport union, have walked out to oppose plans to introduce so-called “driver-only operated” trains across more Southern services, which the union considers a safety risk.

spotUnison local government conference 2016

Refugee solidarity

spotConvoy to Calais: Outrageous blocking of aid for refugees

On 18 June, a convoy to Calais of 250 vehicles, including cars, lorries and minibuses set off to deliver solidarity and aid to refugees. It had been planned for months but the organisers received a letter two days before, in effect banning the convoy because of “heightened security” in France.

International socialist news and analysis

spotMiddle East: Isis under pressure on several fronts

Working classes will take to road of mass struggle again: The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) is under attack in and around the last big three cities it holds in Iraq and Syria – Fallujah, Mosul and Raqqa – and is also struggling to hold on to Sirte, its main base in Libya.

spotCWI news in brief

Short stories on workers’ struggles around the world including women health workers protesting in Pakistan, solidarity between Portuguese dockers and Welsh museum strikers and a tuition fees victory in Taiwan.

Socialist Party comments and reviews

spotStay Voiceless: Manics’ punk spirit is alive and well

Music review: Stay Voiceless: ‘Those kids have no idea whatsoever of what went on at Stalingrad’ is a song title that leaves you as curious as the name is long. You certainly take away more from it than the three minutes 32 seconds dose of punk rock you get.

spotThe Socialist inbox

Letters to the Socialist’s editors including comment on the EU referendum and London mayor Sadiq Khan.

Socialist Party campaigns

spotParents in Leeds discuss attacks on education

“I want my children’s education to not be jam-packed full of pointless tests that I can’t do!” was just one of the posters filled in by angry parents at a public meeting in Harehills, Leeds on 9 June.

spotPathetic fascist ‘demonstration’ outnumbered in Bristol

The racist, fascist group the South West Infidels called a demonstration in Bristol for 4 June. They only mustered around 20 people who marched under heavy police protection.

spotPrivate company running primary care centre goes bust

The people of Mansfield in Nottinghamshire have learned that the company running the primary care centre at King’s Mill Hospital has gone bust, with redundancies to follow.


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