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The Socialist issue 911

27 July 2016

No compromise with Labour right

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The Socialist issue 911

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spotNo compromise with Labour right wing

The next few months will decide the fate of the Labour Party. Although he claims to be ‘as radical as Jeremy’, leadership challenger Owen Smith is in reality the candidate of those with a vested interest in keeping Labour as a New Labour-style version of the Tories

spotMood to defeat the Blairites

This was the largest Tolpuddle Martyrs rally since 1984 when Tony Benn and Arthur Scargill led the march

spotAnger against Blairite ‘traitors’ sweeps Portsmouth Momentum

“Let us be honest”, said Sean Hoyle, president of transport union RMT. “Why should we fear a split? I’d rather have a party with half a million members and 40 MPs who are loyal to those members, than a party led by 172 traitors. It’s time for the tail to stop wagging the dog.”

spot‘Defend Corbyn’ rally

‘North East Lincs Unite 4 Corbyn’ held a successful rally attended by 140 people

spotCorbyn’s ‘rock-star welcome’ in North West

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotEnd Victorian working conditions

Trade union fightback needed: The report into Sports Direct’s working practices by a House of Commons select committee shows the much acclaimed protection of workers’ employment rights by the EU is worthless without the traditional workers’ organisations – the trade unions – being strong enough to enforce legislation.

spotTories plan further fee hikes for uni students

The Tories want universities that meet their backbreaking ‘teaching excellence framework’ targets to be allowed to increase the cost of their courses with inflation. Universities including Manchester have already announced their fees will rise to £9,250 in 2017, before parliament has even considered the measure.

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us. Philip Green’s BHS scandal; academy bosses’ expenses rip-off.

spotWhat we saw: UB40 backs Corbyn

Birmingham reggae group UB40 came out in support of Jeremy Corbyn on Facebook on 12 July.

Socialist Party feature

spotEurope and the workers’ movement after Brexit

Europe – Britain in particular – is now at the forefront of political developments. Because of the ‘weight’ of British capitalism, Brexit represents a giant boulder dropped into a lake. There will be an immediate ripple effect but the repercussions will be felt for months and years.

spotWhy the Socialist Party opposed the EU

The Socialist Party campaigned in the June referendum against the bosses’ EU on a principled socialist and internationalist basis.

International socialist news and analysis

spotTurkey: no to military rule, no to Erdoğan’s rule

The recent failed military coup d’état in Turkey has been followed by a massive purge of the state machinery and assault on democratic rights by right-wing president Recep Erdoğan. By arresting thousands of people, sacking thousands of state employees, imposing a three month ‘state of emergency’ and mobilising his AKP members, Erdoğan is ruthlessly accelerating his drive towards an authoritarian regime. Workers’ and left organisations must mobilise to resist these draconian moves and fight for democratic rights.

Socialist history

spotBarcelona 1936: the people’s Olympics

For a brief moment 80 years ago, in a hint of what Spain as a whole would become, Barcelona became the focus of opposition to fascism. In July 1936, 6,000 athletes arrived in the city, greeted by banners and bunting welcoming them. They were no ordinary athletes; the socialist hurdlers and the anarchist shot putters were there for the Olimpiada Popular, the People’s Olympiad.

Workplace news and analysis

spotFawley refinery strike against ‘race to bottom’

On 14 July workers from contractors NICO at the Fawley refinery, members of Unite, took strike action against the super-exploitation of migrant workers from Italy and Bulgaria, being paid £48 for a 10 hour shift, instead of £125.

spotUnite policy conference backs reselection of Labour MPs

The Unite policy conference took place in the midst of the crisis in the Labour Party. The first two days were dominated by Trident and whether Labour councils should set legal no-cuts budgets. On both issues, executive council statements were carried which blurred the union’s position to avoid controversy.

spotBrookes workers continue the fight against 2Sisters

Production slowed to a virtual standstill on the second day of the second strike

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Honda workers walk out; JCB staff strike ballot.

Fighting racism

spotBlack Lives Matter demo shakes Leeds

The Black Lives Matter movement shook Leeds on Wednesday 14th July when over 1,000 people gathered in the city centre before marching through the central shopping district.

spotSheffield solidarity with Black Lives Matter

On 22 July Sheffield’s first Black Lives Matter demonstration, a large and vibrant march around the city centre took place, beginning and culminating in big rallies of about 1,000 people.

spotHuntingdon anti-racist rally

Crowds took to the streets of Huntingdon on 16 July to march in solidarity with the Polish community and embrace the diverse culture of the town.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotPent Valley school closure judicial review blocked

The campaign to save Pent Valley School in Kent has had its application for a Judicial Review refused.

spotReverse Derby council cuts

Well over a hundred attended an enthusiastic rally for Jeremy Corbyn in Derby. But it was noticeable that one or two people were having a go, saying they would never support Labour. They were not Blairite or right wing, but were teaching assistants employed by the Labour controlled Derby council.

spotAn explosion in sales of the Socialist

I’ve seen an explosion in sales of the Socialist since the EU referendum, I have sold 135 copies! Key to this has been getting out on the streets to talk to people, whether street campaign stalls, at demonstrations or doing our now regular paper sale at the city centre train station before our branch meeting.

spotSharrow success

For several years Sheffield South branch of the Socialist Party has held campaign stalls at two community festivals. We extended into a third this year in Sharrow which was a great success.


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