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Friday, June 21, 2024

The Socialist issue 936

15 February 2017

March to save our NHS

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The Socialist issue 936

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What we think

spotCouncil cuts can be fought – and they must be

Editorial of the Socialist, issue 936: During February many council budget-setting meetings are taking place across the country, slashing millions more pounds off vital services.

spotCorbyn needs to stand up to Brexit rebels

What we think: While most Labour MPs have no problem with defying the large-scale opposition of their constituents to austerity, it’s a different matter for a section of them on the issue of the EU referendum

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotMarch to save #OurNHS

Our NHS is collapsing. On 4 March, we will march in London to save it.

spotResist Trump and his rotten policies: why I’m walking out on ‘Day X’

I’ll be joining students from schools, colleges and universities across Britain in walking out on Day X – the day that President Trump first sets foot in Britain

spotSocialist Students: growing, brimming with confidence

Socialist Students conference 2017 showcased a growing organisation brimming with confidence and enthusiasm

spotThousands march to defend Glenfield heart centre

2,000 people – including patients and their families, trade unionists and members of the public – took to the streets of Leicester in the second march against the proposed closure in four months

spotSave child refugees, fight the cuts

There was widespread disgust after a written statement from the Home Office announced it was to end a vital rehoming scheme for refugee children

spotPrison deaths scandal

The latest government statistics show yet another record high in prison deaths and violence

spotSuper-rich subsidised

The ‘precariat’ is costing public funds nearly £4 billion a year in lost taxation and benefits

International socialist news and analysis

spotSpain: clear win for left at Podemos conference!

The attempt to remove left winger Pablo Iglesias from the leadership of Podemos, the left party formed out of Spain’s 2011 ‘Indignados’ movement, has been a terrible failure

spotCWI and Izquierda Revolucionaria – towards unification

We believe that the principled agreement between our organisations means there is the basis for concrete steps to be taken towards unification

spotIzquierda Revolucionaria central committee meeting

The discussion focussed on the impact of Trump’s victory internationally and the crucial role of a revolutionary party in the current and coming class battles

spotFrench presidential election

Possibilities for the left to make gains: The upcoming French presidential election is revealing big crises in the establishment parties

spotFrance: police attack triggers protests

spotYemen solidarity

Recently, around 100 workers demonstrated in front of the parliament buildings in Yemen, demanding unpaid wages and justice for murdered colleagues

Workplace news and analysis

spotUnited fightback needed as entire grade of rail worker is at stake

The Southern Rail dispute has been a high-profile battle in which the future of an entire grade of rail worker is at stake

spot“Disgraceful” treatment of sacked EHRC workers

Ten government equality staff were sacked by email and had to clear their desks

spotVibrant Picturehouse pickets in continued living wage strike

For the first time, Bectu entertainment union members at four Picturehouse sites took simultaneous strike action across London

spotUltimatum as Deliveroo drivers down tools in Brighton

Online food delivery company Deliveroo has come under fire in Brighton, where nearly 100 of its workers downed tools during busy Saturday trading

spotSolidarity with Tesco Ireland Valentine’s Day strike

Up to 15 Tesco stores in Ireland took strike action on Valentine’s Day 14 February after members of the trade union Mandate, which represents more than 10,000 workers at the company, voted 78% in favour of a walkout over contract changes

spotPCS union pledges to fight Jobcentre job losses

Reports from PCS campaigning in Llanelli and Sheffield

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Unite the Union gears up for leadership elections, and issues an ultimatum to Ford

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotAnti-trade union laws used against ‘Trees Action’ protesters

It’s cheaper for Amey to cut trees down than it is to maintain them

spotSupport floods in for the Cardiff no-cuts three

A solidarity meeting packed out the upstairs of a local pub to oppose Labour’s witch-hunt

spotThe Socialist: 20 years old and more important than ever

This week is the Socialist’s 20th birthday. On Britain’s 30 January anti-Trump protests alone, 700 people bought the latest edition

spotToxic fracking could start in England in 2017

It appears very likely that fracking is about to start in England in 2017

spotMay Day greetings in the Socialist

May Day greetings help fund the best workers’ newspaper in England and Wales.

spotNew Socialist Party press

Socialist readers’ comments and reviews

spotNo, Trumpism is nothing like Leninism

Steve Bannon, investment banker and chief strategist to US president Donald Trump, once called himself “a Leninist”!

spotForeign aid’s not the problem – it’s capitalist thieves

Twenty-four times as much money is looted from poor countries in the global south than is sent in aid

spotVivid visual account of the Paris Commune

Graphic novel review: ‘The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia’: The vivid artwork, detailed notes, and narration and dialogue drawn from the subjects’ own writings and speeches, can bring to life these events

spotThe Socialist inbox

Letters to the Socialist’s editors. NHS passport checks; housing white paper nonsense; BBC’s home-owning fantasy; response to attacks on strikers


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