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Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Socialist issue 938

28 February 2017

Build a movement to save our NHS

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The Socialist issue 938

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Save #OurNHS

spotBuild a movement to save our NHS

As well as helping to build demonstrations and community campaigns to save our NHS, which can raise the confidence of health workers, health trade unions need to prepare to organise coordinated strikes

spotReinstate the bursaries for student nurses now!

The Tories’ scrapping of nursing training bursaries has already led to a 23% decline in university applications for this coming year for all nursing courses

spotGrantham: 1,000 march for reopening of A&E

spotNHS England missing paperwork scandal

NHS England chiefs tried to cover up more than half a million missing medical letters, it seems

spotHeart centre closure consultation ‘farce’

Families of heart patients at the threatened East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre at Glenfield Hospital have condemned NHS England for a “totally inadequate” public consultation

spotNHS v RBS

The Tories aren’t prepared to tolerate ‘loss-making’ public institutions like the NHS – unless the publicly owned body is the Royal Bank of Scotland

Socialist Party women

spotInternational Women’s Day

Fighting for liberation and socialism: Women are on the move. They’re on the move against Donald Trump in the US, and attacks on reproductive rights in Ireland and Poland

spotWomen’s protests and walkouts around the world

#DayWithoutAWoman: The movement against Trump, and in particular the massive ‘women’s marches’ that took place in January, show the potential for a new phase of struggle against sexism

spotLessons of Russia 1917 for women’s struggle today

The 1917 Russian revolution was a momentous moment in working class history, in which women played a pivotal and active role

spotWhy I joined the Socialist Party

Immediately I felt empowered by being a part of something that was striving to stop the council cuts and trying to make a change

spotHow black women fought racism and sexism at Nasa

Film review: Hidden Figures: Space rockets and the struggle against racism and sexism might seem an odd combination but Hidden Figures definitely pulls it off

spotFight like Poplar’s women councillors to change the lives of family carers

Even in the heyday of the welfare state, parents of disabled children received little help, understanding or support. The Tories want to drive us back to the days when family care was the norm

What we think

spotByelections: Break with Labour Blairism wasn’t on offer

It is Blair’s own toxic legacy that has led to the decline of the Labour vote in Copeland and Stoke

Socialist Party feature

spotDebates on building the anti-Trump movement

There are two rival groupings vying for the leadership of the new potential movement, neither of which offers a clear way forward

Workplace news and analysis

spot“I worked from 9am to 11.30pm with only one break”

A zero-hour contract worker speaks to the Socialist: The number of workers employed on zero-hour contracts is set to rise to over 1 million for the first time

spotWarehouse workers walk out over pay and pensions

GMB members at Spectrum for Arcadia in Leeds are on strike over pay

spotDerby teaching assistants continue fight against £6,000 a year pay cut

Derby’s teaching assistants and support staff are striking at schools across the city

spotPicturehouse strikers blockade Leicester Square

spotFord workers demand answers to Bridgend plant sourcing questions

Ford workers in Bridgend, south Wales, want answers to the lack of sourcing which is putting the whole future of the Bridgend engine plant in doubt

spotHearing into alleged rule-breaking by Unison ends

The hearing into rule breaking by public sector union Unison during the 2015 general secretary election ended on 22 February

spotLeeds: Protest against tip stealing

spotMixed Fleet cabin crew announce more strike days

spotRMT plans protest against ‘driver only’ Merseyrail trains

spotSouthern Rail strike continues

spotMay Day greetings in the Socialist

Help fund the best workers’ newspaper in England and Wales by placing a May Day greeting in the Socialist

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotUnions demand that Corbyn-supporting mayor protects services

Lobby calls on council to refuse to make cuts

spotBristol cuts: the fight goes on

Protester bitten by council security: The £33 million of cuts in the budget passed on 21 February by the council are not acceptable to the people of Bristol

spotTower Hamlets: There is an alternative, Mr Biggs

Just days before International Women’s Day, Tower Hamlets council voted through millions of cuts in children’s and youth services

spotSpelthorne: we need socialist councillors

spotYork University: socialists prevent far-right hate speech

This event is an example of why it’s always important to contest the presence of the far right: especially when they threaten to spread hate on university campuses

spotSocialist Party Wales conference report

A combative mood was expressed throughout a well-attended Socialist Party Wales 2017 conference

spotNorthern region Socialist Party conference

Our Northern regional conference set the tone for our work in the next period

Socialist readers’ comments and reviews

spotThe Socialist Inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Worse-off women; farm fiends; Trotsky and Poland.

spotWhat we saw

Guardian ‘arts critic’ Jonathan Jones, fresh from condemning Russia’s 1917 socialist revolution, has rushed to the defence of a gallery which has been hosting ‘alt-right’ speakers


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