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The Socialist issue 947

3 May 2017

Socialist policies can beat the Tories

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The Socialist issue 947

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What we think

spotRace against time for May as Corbyn sets out anti-austerity case

Editorial of the Socialist: A bold socialist stand can beat the Blairites and the Tories

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotJeremy Corbyn’s workers’ charter

Restoring, defending and strengthening trade union rights – as the most effective way to fight for more secure employment and better wages – is a major theme of the programme

spotCorbyn pledges a million homes and landlord regulation

Jeremy Corbyn has promised 100,000 council homes a year if elected to government

spotMcDonnell promises reversal of Tories’ tax cuts for the super-rich

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell is promising to reverse cuts to corporation tax and capital gains tax

spotCorbyn pledges end to uni fees and school cuts

As well as pledging free education, Corbyn has promised to reverse the £3 billion of school cuts that are in the pipeline

spotCorbyn government would lift NHS pay cap

Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth has promised that any forthcoming Labour government would end the NHS pay cap

spotSupport for socialist programme in Labour Liverpool rally

Social care in crisis

spotBeyond the crisis point: saving social care

It is not difficult to see why the chair of the National Care Association says “we are now beyond the crisis point”

International socialist news and analysis

spotPacked court laughs down cutter Joan Burton’s comparison to Marxist James Connolly

Pro-cuts politician Burton claimed to stand in the tradition of Marxist revolutionary Connolly. This drew gales of laughter from the packed courtroom

spotTrump’s policies hit a wall

Donald Trump’s first 100 days in the White House have been characterised by political defeats, administrative chaos and incompetence

Socialist Students

spotNUS leadership: Blairites supported by establishment

Unfortunately, given the gravity of the crisis faced by students and young people, the conference failed to measure up to the tasks

Workplace news and analysis

spotUnison health conference: fury over leadership’s feet dragging

It was clear during the debate that delegates were furious at the union’s group executive for initially opposing the NHS demonstration on 4 March and then belatedly giving it only lukewarm support

spotUnion leadership and Labour right challenged at shop workers’ conference

“It’s great to have a Labour Party leader in Jeremy Corbyn who condemns former BHS boss Phillip Green and tells him to be scared, as opposed to knighting him as Tony Blair did in 2006”

spotMcDonald’s forced to back down on zero-hours

McDonald’s has been forced by campaigning to offer 115,000 zero-hour contract workers to move to fixed contracts

spotPCS elections – vote Democracy Alliance

There is just over a week to go before the PCS national executive committee ballot closes on 11 May

spotTransport union protests against driver-only operation outside parliament

Just over a year after the Southern Rail dispute began, rail workers gathered to send a clear message to the government and rail companies that they will continue fighting to keep guards on the trains

Socialist readers’ comments and reviews

spotRare opportunity to see Russian revolution lifted off the page

Exhibition review: ‘Russian revolution – hope, tragedy, myths’: This new exhibition at the British Library draws on an extensive collection to take visitors through the key events of the Russian revolution

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

spotMersey metro-mayor TV debate

TUSC Mersey metro mayoral candidate Roger Bannister debated in the studio with other candidates on the BBC’s Sunday Politics North West programme

spot‘Socialist Steve’ takes on the robots

Steve’s campaign demands include refusing to carry out Tory government cuts to council spending, implementing a £10 an hour minimum wage, and initiating a mass council house building programme, as part of his ‘people’s budget’

spotTUSC’s south Wales challenge to pro-cuts parties

TUSC candidate and Socialist Party member Ross Saunders was quoted on the BBC website

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotBuy your ticket now for the political event of the year: Socialism 2017

20% discount available now: We are very excited to announce Kshama Sawant, fresh from the fight against Trump, Seattle’s socialist council member who led the successful fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage and much more!

spotHousing association workers’ and tenants’ alternative awards ceremony

The newly created Housing Association Workers and Residents network had received 718 nominations for its alternative awards

spotSheffield mental health campaigner: “austerity kills”

“Austerity kills. A month ago I was in a car coming back from trade union leafleting when I saw a man’s body hit the road on Park Square roundabout after he had thrown himself off the bridge”


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