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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 948

10 May 2017

Tories wrecking our NHS: kick them out!

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The Socialist issue 948

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What we think

spotLocal election results must mean Corbyn campaign is stepped up

The local election results will have disappointed many Corbyn supporters, but he can still win – if he fights on a bold socialist programme. The full weight of the workers’ movement must be thrown behind this

Rally supporting Jeremy Corbyn, Hull

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotTories wrecking our NHS: kick them out!

Pay cap forces health workers to quit: This general election is the most important in a generation. The NHS is at breaking point

spotCorbyn pledges freeze on ‘STP’ health cuts

These announcements are good, and go some way to addressing the chronic underfunding of the NHS – Corbyn also needs to pledge reversal of all cuts and sell-offs

spotCorbyn pledges council powers to take over academies

May’s grammar school inequality exposed: Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to give powers to councils to take over academies. This is a very good start, but he will also need to pledge full public ownership and mass investment in schools

spotTories forced to publish useless plans on toxic air

Corbyn must campaign on emergency measures to phase out diesels: The May government’s proposals are vague and toothless, just a cynical attempt to avoid the subject while the election campaign is going on

spot1,000 super-rich own £658 billion!

Our world is endless austerity. Yet it’s not everyone’s world. If you are one of the 1,000 richest people in Britain, then things are different

spotCorbyn promises to scrap hospital parking fees

Jeremy Corbyn has promised to make parking at NHS hospitals free. He called the current charges “a tax on serious illnesses.”

spotCorbyn would limit TV junk food ads

Jeremy Corbyn has also pledged to curtail the rights of big businesses to push unhealthy food on children

spotWhat we saw

Some permanent degenerative medical conditions “do get better,” according to one Tory MP

International socialist news and analysis

spotFrance: Macron won’t solve economic & social crises

Fightback and socialist policies vital: Pro-capitalist former banker Emmanuel Macron is president of France after defeating Marine Le Pen of the far-right Front National

Local elections 2017

spotTUSC’s anti-cuts message finds positive response

4 May local elections: Whatever lies ahead, TUSC, and the model of an inclusive coalition it has provided, will be a player in the events to come

spotLiverpool city region mayor election – almost 8,000 votes for TUSC

spotTories win West Midlands mayor – the complete failure of the Labour right

It is clear from this result that the Labour right have nothing to offer in terms of winning elections

spotLabour hangs on in Wales despite cuts councillors

spotDoncaster TUSC’s campaigning against cuts goes on

Workplace news and analysis

spotTube strike at London Bridge over unfair dismissal

The 24-hour strike by RMT members was in response to an incident in which a fare-dodger was violent towards staff. Two who intervened were disciplined while another lost his job

spotAfter the Unite elections – now turn outwards

spotWorkers fight back against race to the bottom!

Many strikes and protests are taking place in the run up to the general election

spotRoyal Mail walkout over suspension of union reps

spotGood debate and response at radiographers’ union conference

Radiographers discussed the NHS cuts and pay cap, tribunal fees, and the right to protest

Socialist readers’ comments and reviews

spotUS: women ice hockey players’ strike threat wins living wage

On 15 March, a group of women in the US announced a strike that became headline news across the country

spotFeatured letter: disabled workers want our voices heard, not charity

I’d like to thank John Gillman and the editors of the Socialist for making an audio version of the paper available at

spotForeign aid corruption: capitalism to blame

To justify calls to reduce the foreign aid budget, parts of the capitalist establishment have pointed to the corruption that permeates the business of aid

spotWhy I joined: raising the ideas of socialism

“I eventually chose to join the Socialist Party because it is the party that is currently doing the most work to raise the idea of socialism”

spotTheatre review: Fracked! Political satire skewers frackers

‘Fracked!’ is an interesting and topical play, and puts forward good environmental arguments against the use of fracking for our future energy sources

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors about the general election

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotCampaign launch: “rip-off bosses and greedy bankers – enough is enough!”

“An upgraded economy run for the many, not the few,” was the promise from Jeremy Corbyn at Labour’s official general election campaign launch in Manchester on 9 May

spotOverflowing Corbyn rally in Leicester

Labour had booked a large meeting room at the Tigers Stadium, holding 800 people. The room was packed full, with people standing at the back

spotHundreds rally for Corbyn in Leamington

spotOne Housing tenants force housing association back

spotJobstown Not Guilty trial round-up

The trial of Jobstown protesters in Ireland is an attack on the right to protest, but it is also an attack on the working class communities of Tallaght

spotYorkshire meeting in solidarity with the #JobstownNotGuilty campaign

People from across Yorkshire came together to discuss the background of the Jobstown trial and the impact that the verdicts could have on Ireland and beyond

spotSocialists tell free marketeers

Students at Durham debated the proposition ‘free market capitalism is the way forward’ – Elaine Brunskill, representing the Socialist Party, gave those supporting the motion a cold shiver down their capitalist spines

spotPacked Socialist Party meeting discusses the general election

spotSutton Coldfield socialist campaign stall

Birmingham Central Socialist Party branch held its first ever campaign stall in the uncharted territory of ‘Royal’ Sutton Coldfield


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