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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 953

21 June 2017

Capitalism kills

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The Socialist issue 953

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Grenfell Tower

spotWhole establishment exposed for role in Grenfell fire

As more details emerge and the death toll rises, it becomes clearer and clearer what a terrible disaster this is. It is a huge tragedy for the immediate community. But that community has come together in a remarkable display of human solidarity

spotOrganise: justice for Grenfell and safety for all

No justice – no peace! No safety – no rent! Working class communities can organise to force proper safety checks – including by building for rent strikes

spotMassive failings led to Grenfell Tower fire – Rapid, fully funded action now

The Grenfell Tower fire spread with horrific speed. Witnesses described heart-rending scenes as residents attempted to escape. Note: this article was updated and expanded on 19/6/17.

spotAnger and grief on moving Grenfell marches

“I’ve not seen anything quite like the march for Grenfell”

spotUnions call for action after Grenfell

Trade unions representing housing workers, firefighters and teachers draw on their expertise to demand immediate action after Grenfell

What we think

spotTories and May stagger on amid crisis – get them out!

Brexit chaos, DUP agreement, workers’ anger: Faced with a mass rebellion, including huge protests – and crucially, coordinated strike action – this government could be forced from power

spotFinsbury Park attack: No to terror, racism, war and austerity!

For the second time in a month a van was driven into a crowd in London

International socialist news and analysis

spotFrench elections: time to build a fighting left alternative

The gains for the party of neoliberal French president Emmanuel Macron in the second round of parliamentary elections are not the resounding victory they might seem

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotKick out the Tories to save the NHS!

New legislation is not required to continue with the Tories’ plans for the NHS but they no longer have the political will or the confidence to push it through

spotInflation: Workers lose out – time for action

If more confirmation was needed about how working class people are being left behind, then look no further than the latest evidence of falling living standards from the Office for National Statistics

spotOpen University facing huge cuts

Fight for free education: The Open University has announced £100 million of cuts

spotThe have-yachts and the have-nots

Trade unions must lead fightback: 1% of the population owns 14% of the UK’s wealth

Workplace news and analysis

spotJobcentre strike grows in second round of action

Members of the PCS have been striking to save the Eastern Avenue Job Centre

spotBA cabin crew calls two-week walkout over blacklisting accusations

Unite members working for British Airways’ mixed fleet announced a two-week strike on 16 June, after the airline refused to accept Unite’s offer on the outstanding issue of sanctioning of strikers

spotWelsh college strike against crippling workload

Around 50 UCU union members at Coleg y Cymoedd in Rhondda Cynon Taff and Caerphilly attended picket lines on 15 June as we took strike action against oppressive workloads and to defend quality education

spotManchester housing maintenance dispute steps up action

In the week after the general election Manchester housing maintenance workers held a two-day mass protest outside Manchester Town Hall

spotBarts Trust NHS workers vote for action over pay

Unite union members working in domestic and support roles at Barts NHS Trust in east London have voted 99% in favour of strike action for better pay

spotUnison conference: “A sense of change”

Such is the pressure from below, even Unison leadership was forced to say it will ‘smash’ the pay cap in the next 12 months

spotMilitant mood against college job cuts

On the day before the general election, dozens of workers at Reading College held a protest

spotNSSN cancels conference to support ‘Tories Out’ demo

This year’s NSSN conference was due to take place on July 1st

Socialist history

spotThe Pentrich uprising: revolution and counter-revolution in 19th century Britain

The ‘Luddite’ movement smashed factory knitting frames during 1810-16, including in Derbyshire villages around Pentrich

Socialist readers’ comments and reviews

spot“Austerity hurts and the only alternative is socialism”

Why I joined the Socialist Party: After my partner died and I became a single parent to a grieving child, all of my benefits were stopped

spotThe Socialist Inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Former Kensington estate resident comments on Grenfell; cuts cause more fire deaths in Portugal; Corbyn hope leads to youthquake; The Handmaid’s Tale.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotProtests around the country demand: Tories out!

Thousands demonstrated on 17 June. Reports from London, Hull, Cardiff

spotYoung socialists share ideas at London meeting

“It was encouraging to see confident, young people stand up and put forward their ideas for how we could shape a movement”

spotCanterbury pride

There was a real carnival atmosphere not just because it was Pride – but as one person said: “It’s like a weight of nasty politics is off my shoulders”


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